Hey guys, if you hadn't noticed the date today then shame on you. It's May 23rd, and that means it's a year since Lost ended and we all had to move on, let go, etc. No one else has created a blog about it yet, so I may as well do it. I think all, or at least most of us, will agree that there will never be another show like Lost. Whether or not you enjoyed the finale, we were all along for the ride and it was one hell of a journey. One we will never forget. I don't think there will be a show which captures an audience, and indeed a generation of people around the world, until towards the end of the next decade. There will always be attempts to recreate the formula, there have been several already, but it will be a different formula entirely that manages to do it. I would say, if a show is called "the next Lost" it probably won't be. No one will expect the next Lost to actually be the next Lost.

I was just wondering, what has been the hardest part of not having the show around? What have you filled the void with? More TV shows? Rewatching? Something else? Whatever it is, share it with the rest of us! :)

The hardest part for me didn't start until this year when February came and Lost wasn't about to start up again. I would get up on a Monday morning, five days of work ahead of me, and wonder "what's to look forward to?" The answer, was usually nothing. I miss not having something to look forward weekly and make the week go faster. It took quite a few months before I got over that, and came to terms with the fact that I won't always have something to look forward to every week. Since the end of the show I've started to get more into photography, which was partly inspired by Lost and it's gorgeous back drop of Hawaii. Someday I will go there and photograph it myself. I haven't been watching any new shows, except Fringe which started while Lost was on. I will probably check out Alcatraz though. J.J. Abrams and an island...hmm.

And of course, there is this place. Lostpedia, my constant for 5 years. Let it live for a long time yet. And of course, let the fans continue to use this as a resource because it is the best one out there.

I look forward to your answers,

Namaste :)

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