For those that are not aware, DarkUFO's Episode Cup bracket submission ends tomorrow! The link is here if you still wish to take part [1]. There is a Lostpedia group set up, so if you make a bracket feel free to join, or if you already have made one, don't forget to join it! You can edit your picks until the brackets close tomorrow. As far as I know, the polls start on July 1st so check DarkUFO daily for those. We have had 40 people join the Lostpedia group, which is awesome. We're the second biggest group behind SpoilerTV. However, two people are yet to fill in their brackets. If you're one of them, fill it in before tomorrow or you'll miss out! If you have already joined and submitted your bracket, it would be helpful if you could tell everyone who you are because some of them aren't that obvious. Lastly, who have you all picked as your winner?

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