To avoid confusion, I'm going to call then the "Reset time line" and the "Bomb time line"....

I was against a reset if it took over the entire show (which it hasn't) because to me if they re-set the entire thing, it rendered the 1st 5 season's meaningless. They avoided this by having the two time lines, and good for them for doing it!

With that said, I found (at least in the season premiere) myself kinda bored about the reset time line while completely enthralled with the bomb time line! All the time invested in the show was following that plot line, so I feel more connected to it. Yeah, its kind cool to see a "what if' scenario but should it take up 1/2 of the show? Unless they're working on soemthing bigger (aka: merging the two time lines) than fine...but personally, I'm bored with it.


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