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So, I'm sitting here bored at work so I though I'd write up this little post...

In my views, there have been 7 major factions on Lost to far, which are: Oceanic 815 Camp(815), The Others (OTR), The DHARMA Initiative (DI), The Freighties (FRT), The Oceanic 6 (O6), Ajira 316 Camp (316).....and here's a rankings on who's been in the more than one factions including "stretches" with I classified with a "---"

Jack- 4 (815, DI, O6, OTR---though not officially a member, he spent a good portion of time and was friendly with them) Ben- 4 (OTR, DI, 316, 815---as a prisoner) Juliet- 3 (815, DI, OTR) Daniel- 3 (FRT, 815, DI) Miles- 3 (FRT, 815, DI) Kate- 3 (815, O6, DI) Hurley- 3 (815, O6, DI) Charlotte- 3 (FRT, 815, DI---as a child) Sayid- 3 (815, O6, OTR---working for Ben) Desmond- 3 (815, DI---technically not a member but was under the impression he was, O6---was rescued along side them) Sun- 3 (815, O6, 316) Sawyer- 2 (815, DI) Locke- 2 (815, OTR) Jin- 2 (815, DI) Michael- 2 (815, OTR) Cindy- 2 (OTR, 815---as a taillie)

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