• Baikjoe

    Kinda makes sense...

    May 24, 2010 by Baikjoe

    If you look back through out the flash-sideways, it kinda makes sense that they were in the "after life". All the main characters that moved on found what they were missing in their original lives, while the ones who didn't still had stuff to work on.

    Jack- Was happy saving people and has a family of his own.

    Kate- Was innocent of the crime accoused (though he do have to take her word for it)

    Sawyer- Is the exact opposit of a con-man

    Locke- Had a good relationship with his father/Helen.

    Hurley- Bad luck no longer follows him.

    Sayid- Was recognised as not being a bad person.

    Jin/Sun- Are happy in their relationship.

    All their "flaws" seemed to be worked out or at least in the process of being worked out, which allowed them to move on. makes sense

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  • Baikjoe

    A bit unusual...

    May 16, 2010 by Baikjoe

    There has been a disproportionate amount of crashes on the Island....The crash that brought Jacob's Mother to the Island, The Black rock, Desmond's Boat, Henry Gale's Ballon, Oceanic 815, Ajira 316, The Science Team, The Drug Plane, and (if you really want to consider it) Lepedus' chopper (twice). A over used plot devise or something more??'s probably the former, but hey I was bored.

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  • Baikjoe

    I'm bored at work, so I thought I would list all the unsolved mysteries (according to Lostpedia)and whether they're important or why they won't be solved.

    The Source- As lame as this may be, I think me might have to take "Mother's" explanation. Hurley's Bird- I haven't seen or heard any referance to this since it was 1st seen. It's not important. Cabin's Resident- All signs point to the MIB living in the cabin. Supply Drop- The Dharma story is over. It's not important. Glass Eye- Ditto Walt's Powers- Again, Walt's story is over. As important as it might be to some fans, I doubt it's important to the producers. Outrigger chase- No idea what this was but I don't see how it will be addressed. Passenger Massacre- All sings point to Widemore. Sayid's Assailants…

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  • Baikjoe

    Theoretically, the alternate timeline was created when the Island gets destroyed in 1977. But there are so many people who SHOULDN'T be in this alternate timeline if that was the case. Pierre Change, Ben, Ben's Father, Eloise Hawking, Charles Widmore, Daniel Faraday, and Penny should all not exist in this timeline. With that said, I have a hard time to believe that this is just a mistake, because while the writers do make continuity errors (they are human) they are in general minor ones that don't really matter. This would be a MAJOR mistake, if it is in fact one. Thoughts?

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  • Baikjoe

    The Rest of Season 6

    March 6, 2010 by Baikjoe

    This is NOT a spoiler. But just merely an educated guess on how the rest of season six is going to unfold......From where I sit, The rest of the episodes will be either Jacob or The MIB recruiting for the up coming war. Which is kinda disappointing. Not because its a weak plot line but because mist people seem to see it coming. One of the reasons Lost was so good is because you didn't know what was coming next and now that's kinda gone (to an extent)


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