the first episode is called the pilot. lapedius is supposed to be that pilot. he is a candidate, along the surviving losties that have been touched by jacob and brought to the island. he seems to always survive. he is a natural leader. they also casted one of the most interesting actors to play his part. he will have a big role in season six.

horace had an epyptian tunnel running into his bunk, he must have overseen the construction of dharmaville secrectly hiding the entrance to the tunnel in his wall. He supposedly built jacob (or nemesis) the cabin. he has visited locke in visions. He seems to be a spy for the island infiltrating dharmas expirements. we've seen his death, but we also see ben shut his eyes as a sign of respect, even though they dont have a whole lotta backstory. will he return in flashbacks? also one of the most interesting actors cast on the show.

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