I'm a new blogger, so instead of posting a theory, I'd like some clarifications/ideas from all you researchers. If I've missed a few things, please be kind.

What I'm curious about is Charles Widmore's connection to the DI.

1) We know one of the food drops said "Widmore Industries," so there's got to be some connection. At first I thought perhaps he was using the DI as a way to gain information on the island. They must have ways of knowing its whereabouts since they do regular food drops for years for Kelvin, Radzinsky, Desmond, etc, and that info would be VERY useful to Widmore. Well, I guess that's a theory... but I haven't researched it =)

2) There were lots of people on the freighter who were connected to the DI, but not actual DI members. Daniel and Charlotte went to the Tempest to shut it down. How would they know where it was & how it worked? Is that something Widmore knew & gave them instructions? Would he know so much about the stations from being an Other? Didn't he get banished pretty early on?

3) One other Widmore idea that's bothered me... We were told Widmore's kahana team was sent to kill everyone on the island. But there was so much lying and misrepresentation going on between everybody at during those episodes that I'm not even 100% sure that was his intention. Unless I missed something, the only one who claimed that was Ben - yeah, every statement he makes comes with a pound of salt!

Those are a few thoughts. Can you help me put this together?

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