Ever since the Kahana group came, I've been frustrated by not have any basis to choose a side. Widmore, Eloise, Ben, Ilana, Richard, Jacob, Jacob's Nemesis, etc etc etc. they all say "Join my side" but nobody has given a concrete reason. The only thing anyone has said is "I'm trying to protect the island." And for that matter, how do we even know the island is something that should be protected? It seemed to be all about greed for power.

I'm waiting for an actual argument. The closest we've got is Jacob & his Nemesis talking about the destructive tendencies of mankind.

Side A-Nemesis: People will always end up fighting and destroying each other Side B-Jacob: There hope for something better

This ties in with ... ...the DI trying to turn the tide of the world. ...time travel and trying to change the inevitable. ...the recent conversation between RoseBernard and JulietSawyerJackKate

Does anyone else have any thoughts on what all these wars are about? Are they fighting for anything except power over the island?

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