• Baardya

    Ponderings ...

    August 5, 2009 by Baardya

    First, in Season 3 when Desmond told Charlie about his eventual drowning in the Looking Glass, he said he saw Claire and Aaron get onto a helicopter. No that didn't happen. What must have changed, because Charlie did what he was supposed to do?

    Second, where does Locke get the idea that the island wants him to do certain things in Season 1? When he encountered Smokie, we weren't shown what exactly happened to him. He just said he had seen into the island and what he saw was beautiful. He is beating done on the hatch door after Booth's accident saying he did what he was told to do. What was told? Who told him?

    I think when at the end of Season 5 when Jacob tells UnLocke that "they" are coming, I think he means Jack and Co. are coming again.


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  • Baardya

    She is a mystery to me. Now she left the island for some unknown reason relinquishing her leadership.

    But now that she is off the island, there are some questions that need to be asked.

    1. Why did she need Desmond to go to the island and press the button? Was it because he was in love with Penny and Penny is Widmore's daughter? 2. Why is she helping Oceanic Six get back?

    a. From many of the opinions here, Christian is working for Un-Locke. And so he tells Locke to meet Eloise Hawking. So, is Eloise working for Un-Locke? Maybe that's the reason why she makes them take Locke's body as Un-Locke cannot become Un-Locke unless he has the body. b. She gives Jack the letter from Locke. Who gives her the letter? And why is the letter important even… Read more >
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    Jacob off the island

    June 16, 2009 by Baardya

    Now we know that Widmore is watching the exit in the Tunisian desert for anyone who exits the island. How was Jacob able to exit the island without Widmore knowing. I am sure Widmore must have met Jacob at some time when he was on the island. So, Jacob is that special that he can get off the island another way? Or were Jacob and Widmore working together?

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  • Baardya


    June 11, 2009 by Baardya

    I thing that troubles me in LOST is that Bad Jacob takes Locke's form (as now we know it was Bad Jacob who made Locke "kill himself") and we find Locke's body. In this same way if Christian or even Vincent is either Bad or Good Jacob in their forms, then there should be a body, like Jack should have found Christian's body in the coffin in "White Rabbit". I think that Christian is actually Christian and not anyone else, and he is working for someone else.

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