Now that I've caught you're attention, please keep reading even though this is not an announcement of a new Lost video game. This is an overwhelming suggestion for a new one. Once the show is over they should create a game based on the island. Not necessarily on the story we've already been told on TV. Why do we love Lost? Many different reasons. There is no reason why this cannot be recreated. Imagine a video game that has the same type of emotional moments that Lost has. In the show, when someone dies, we get sad, because we've invested our time in the characters. Imagine that IN A GAME! and then in the same game to have heart stopping action along with an addictive story! I really hope this comes to be, and after the show ends, I don't see why this couldn't be done. This is the internet people, someone on this site, must know someone who knows someone who knows someone who works for a video game developer. Let's get this thing started!!! Please contact me if this is possible I am unbelievably serious about this.

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