10 years from now all of the actors from Lost are leading successful lives as actors, and though they have all gone their seperate ways, they still cannot stop thinking about the story of Lost. Matthew Fow is at a social event and is greeted by one of Lost's former writers. Matthew has also had success over the last 10 years delivering many memorable performances on the silver screen but none of them are as meaningful to him as his time on Lost was. After a few too many drinks Matthew and the writer are talking about Lost, when the writer drunkenly admits to Matthew that the story of Lost is not completely fictional. He goes on to explain himself. The next day Matthew Fox is trying to brush off what the former Lost writer has told him as simple drunken banter. But he ends up confronting him, wanting more details, this time sober. Now realizing the reality of the situation, he goes around the world to tell the other actors the truth. They now know that they truly need to find this island and fulfill their destiny.

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