Alright then, I'll make this one quick. Here are a few things I've noticed.

Turning the wheel below the Orchid station causes the island to presumably move about space and time, making it invisible and unable for people to find.

So far that we have been shown on the show, two people have used the wheel to move the island. First being Benjamin Linus to protect it, the second being John Locke the right the time-shifts and to persuade the Oceanic 6 to return.

I don't know why I never thought of this before, but hear me out. Charlotte found a polar bear skeleton wearing a Dharma collar in the Tunisian desert (2003, 2004?). The polar bear obviously travelled by turning the wheel. We also know that the wheel chamber has yet to be excavated in 1977, based on the drilling and scans of the inner layers of rock. So, between the time when the Orchid was excavated in 1977 and when Ben turned the wheel in 2004, another person had to have collected up a polar bear and send it into the wheel chamber expressly to turn the wheel, moving the island (or did they even know that the wheel moved the island?) My guess is that someone sent the bear on its' mission to move the island in order to protect from imminent threat.

Who could have done this? Members of Dharma, the Others, Ben? I personally think that it may have been Benjamin Linus who sent the polar bear down there. But it also could have been Dr. Chang as his parka was conveniently placed next to the ladder descending into the lower Orchid.

Who do you think moved the island, in what time, and why?

Who sent the polar bear on its' mission?

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