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A few weeks ago I posted a poll asking what you thought about Radzinskys' death; if it was suicide or otherwise. I believe that he was murdered and that Kelvin Inman is responsible. I have always been fascinated by what may or may not have happened in the Swan throughout its' history, but I believe that Radzinsky and Inman have had an interesting history in the Swan together. I owe the general concept of this theory to Station7 who brought up the idea of Radzinsky seeking out time-travelers after 1977 since he learned that Sayid has time-traveled from the Oldham interrogation. I've have been touting it for quite some time and you guys have been waiting for it, so allow me to quench your Lost-thirst with this rather extensive blog. Grab a snack and a beverage and enjoy.  :D

First, a little background on our favorite Head of Reasearch; Radzinsky...

  • Radzinsky has been designing and planning the Swan station since 1971. Construction began in 1977.
  • Worked at the Flame in 1977, finishing the design for the Swan station.
  • Uses the Flame to communicate with other stations present in 1977 to get info on a possible plane sighting.
  • Knows Sayid Jarrah by name from the Oldham interrogation.
  • Knows that Sayid came to the island twice, first on Oceanic 815, then got off of the island after 100 days and later returned on Ajira 316.
  • Knows that Sayid has knowledge of the Flame, the future Pearl and the future Swan, "I know the Flame was a communication station. The Pearl was to observe other stations. The Swan was to study electromagnetism. But, of course, that was before the incident--" (This is a big clue that Radzinsky knew the function of the Pearl all along.)
  • Understands that Sayid is from the future, as he stated during the interrogation.
  • Radzinsky wants to kill Sayid, thinking he is a spy working for the Hostiles, especially after learning of Sayids’ knowledge of the future Swan station.
  • He likely knows that the completed Swan and/or Orchid stations can manipulate time possibly allowing time travel. He may know this based on what Dr. Chang said in the Orchid about time travel in 1977, likely learning it while working together at the Swan and/or Orchid sites together.
  • Is likely to associate Sayid with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Miles and Jin due to the shootout at the barracks and at the Swan site during the S5 finale. He likely believes them all to be time-travelers.
  • Probably caused the incident of 1985 that is referenced on the blast door map. He probably tried an experiment to alter/change the flow of time and the electromagnetic buildup got out of control. Somehow though, he was able to stop the buildup long enough to seal it into the unseen room? This experiment was an atttempt to prevent the time travelers from returning? We may never know for sure.

My speculations: I believe that since Ajira 316 sent Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid back to 1977 and Sayid was questioned as both a Hostile and possible time-traveler during the Oldham interrogation, that Radzinsky became paranoid after the Incident event at the Swan in 1977. We do not know what happens next (and I am not going to speculate on Jughead aftermath) but I think that after Radzinsky escapes, he returns to the Barracks and continues to finish building the Swan and establishing experiments within it, now in fear of time traveling terrorists (our Losties). I think that these experiments were of a time-manipulation sort in the first timeline, then after 815 crashes and 316 passengers flash to 1977 and the incident occurs Radzinsky then changes some of the experiments to focus on the sending people through time. All the while, he is paranoid because of what happened at the Swan site in 1977. Radzinsky knows that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Juliet, Hurley, Miles and Jin have all likely time travelled together (this is based on their associations with an admitted time-traveller; Sayid) and attacked the Swan but he does not know why. This causes a sort of mental breakdown for him over time. He believes that he has to stop something by travelling in time. I think that the incident of 1985 that is written on the blast door map was a time-travelling experiment gone awry. I think that Radzinsky was attempting to send himself back in time, prior to 1977 (or even 1974) to prevent the Hostiles (Losties) from ever infiltrating the Dharma Initiative. This is also a reason why he created the blast door map. He wanted a hidden, visual reference of the island and the different stations there so he could research and keep an eye on the island in case anything changed or if time-travelers appeared. He also stayed within the Swan because he was expecting the Hostiles (Losties) and needed to be there to monitor the time experiments. Maybe he thought that he could prevent the Hostiles from ever time-travelling again. He just didn't have access to Daniels' journal so he didn't know when the Hostiles were supposed to return. Because of his lack of knowledge of when they were from, he has to stay within the Swan as long as it takes to find them and prevent them from enacting events that lead to the disaster in the Dharma Initiative in 1977. This is where Kelvin Inman comes in...

Now, some background on Kelvin Inman...

  • Met Sayid Jarrah during the Gulf War when Sayid worked under him as interrogator/translator.
  • He speaks Arabic.
  • Told Desmond that he worked as a spook/spy for ten years.
  • Kelvins' Swan Dharma jumpsuit has no name stenciled in.
  • Kelvin appeared to have attempted fleeing the island on the Elizabeth but Desmond killed him accidentally. (Kelvin painted some of the mural, specifically out325, proving that he knew the bearing to leave the island, information that Desmond would have no way of knowing). This is confirmed by 'Henry Gale' at the end of season 2, telling Michael to follow a compass bearing of 325, and if he does that exactly, he and his son will find rescue (which they did). 325 degrees is the bearing to leave the 'enclosure' of the island. Radzinsky probably knew of the 325 bearing as well. I am uncertain of who painted it onto the mural, but I think it was Inman, as Desmond would never have had that information and Kelvin would likely keep that from him indefinitely. As far as the Dharma Initiative goes, as well as the importance of keeping the button pushed, would the DI give Kelvin (who holds major responsibility) the bearing to leave the island whenever he wanted? I think not. The only ones who needed to know were Looking Glass workers and the higher-ups. The Others knew the exit bearing, priviledged Others, and I think it is possible that Kelvin is one of them. He is a trusted member of the group, not only with secrecy on the exit bearing, but in succeeding in his mission to find/overtake the Swan station. I'll get to that in a bit.
  • Knew of the creed of the Dharma Initiative, "Thank you, Namaste, and Good Luck," and he has a fit of eccentric, hysteric cackles after mentioning it.
  • He apparently has no fear of the sickness or quarantine. One can presume that he fears the Hostiles.
  • Has explored Hydra Island. He repaired Desmonds' sailboat early and sailed out to the only other land in sight. On the 3rd of April, 2002, Kelvin makes a revision to the blast door map, adding this note, 'REV - 4.3.02 possible location of zoological research facility. He later explores further and discovers the they were experimenting on polar bears, hence the additional notation, 'stated goal repatriation accelerated de-territorialization of ursus maritimus through gene therapy and extreme climate change.'

Other important items to note...

  • In the March 20, 2007 Official Lost Podcast, Carlton Cuse said he did not believe The Others knew about the Swan station; however, he acknowledged that the Others might have observed the Swan through the monitors in the Pearl. Therefore, Radzinsky and Kelvin were not killed during the Purge along with the rest of the DHARMA Initiative. (This could be a big clue that Kelvin is actually a spy for the Others).
  • Some of the notations on the Blast Door Map are written in Latin. The Hostiles are known to speak Latin and use it as code when others are present. If a spy is working during one of the Swans' rotating shifts (Kelvin), then he easily could have added the notations later. Especially after killing Radzinsky and taking over the Swan.
  • Swan shifts are rotated approximately every 1 1/2 years. Due to the extensive nature of the Blast Door Map, I believe that Radzinsky was either a permanent resident of the Swan or worked in rotating shifts, leaving the Swan to collect information of the different stations and geography of the island and return later to use his photographic memory to paint the Blast Door Map. This would not have ever happened with Inman since the Dharma Initiative was purged shortly after he took up residence. This makes me think that the BDM was painted by Radzinsky primarily and later edited by Inman.
  • The computer in the Swan is capable of receiving instant messages. If the messages can be initiated from the Pearl and/or the Flame, then the Others are easily capable of communicating with Inman if he is in fact a spy. Michael was able to reply to Walts' messages (while with the Others) in season 2. I find it likely that the Others were constantly monitoring the Swan until they had an opportunity to tap someone. The notations on the Blast Door are concentric from the Pearl because Radzinsky either knew where the Pearl was and explored outward from there, using the computer in the monitor room to communicate with the Swan, possibly entering the numbers manually from the Pearl. Or using it to communicate with Inman and to keep him pushing the button. I think it possible that Radzinsky would reside at the Pearl and communicate with the Swan residents to keep line open so as to avoid system faiure. A walkie-talkie buddy system. This allowed Radzinsky to occasionally explore outward from the Pearl and make extended trips outside of the 108 minute time limit that the Swan timer imposes.

My theory is that since the incident occurred in 1977 at the end of season 5, we don't know what happened to Radzinsky. I believe that things have continued on course within the Dharma Initiative, allowing the Swan to be completed and for the electromagnetic experiments to be performed. All the while, Radzinsky is in a paranoid state. He had to have witnessed what happened to the time-traveling survivors at the Swan site, detonation or not. Radzinsky has this knowledge of time-travelers from the future have infiltrated the Dharma Initiative in their past and tried to detonate a hydrogen bomb. Furthermore, he knows that the Swan and the Orchid have the ability to manipulate time, if done correctly. This knowledge of time-travelers has Radzinsky on edge for a long time. He stays at the Swan to monitor the time-travel experiments and electrtomagnetic fluctuations and to await the possible first arrival of the time-travelers. He now feels that it is his responsiblity to find and stop/prevent the survivors from time-traveling to the past so that the Dharma Initiative is never infiltrated and time can be restored to what it should have been before time-travelers ruined everything. Radzinsky stays at the Swan all the time in fear that the survivors may arrive while off-duty. He begins taking in more and more residents to assist with pushing the button. He probably he ordered one or two to live in the Swan with him, and Radzinsky would later leave to stay in the Pearl so that he could both monitor the Swan residents with the computers available there, and he could also explore the island outward from the Pearl, and make his blast door map more expansive and detailed in case of the survivors arrival. Radzinsky also stayed in the Pearl to monitor the other stations in case the time-travelers appeared. He wants island-wide surveillance. Radzinsky lived like this for several years, even when Cerberus has been attacking in the jungle. Later, Kelvin Inman is sent in under the guise of a Dharma Initiative recruit. I think that Kelvin is actually an outside recruit of the Others and was sent from the real world to be recruited by Dharma so that he could establish himself within the Swan, kill Radzinsky and allow the Swan to eventually pull 815 out of the sky. This would allow the survivors to go through the events leading up to the time-travel and the detonation of Jughead, which is something that the Others may have wanted. When Kelvin mentions to Radzinsky that he once had a torturer named Sayid Jarrah work for him, Radzinsky would have recognized the name from his terror watchlist and have instictively attacked Inman. Because this occurs around the year 2000, Radzinsky is now quite old and is easily overpowered by Inman, who kills him in defense. With Radzinsky dead, Desmond is sent to the island by a combination of Eloise, Widmore, and Libby to push the button and eventually fail so that 815 fall out of the sky and events occur as they are supposed to so that Jughead can eventually be detonated.

That took a lot of work and a bit of extensive research but I think that as a whole, it works out nicely within the context of the show. They obviously may not be able to answer this mystery in its' entirety in season 6, but that is why Lost is such a great show. It allows us to take remaining mysteries and certain clues, and allow us to piece it together for ourselves, allowing us to create a myriad of theories, ideas and thoughts for years after the show has run its' course. I hope you all enjoy the blog and that it was worth the read. Like I said at the top, this idea is based off a theory that Station7 posted a few months ago. I have been working on it since then. Whew. I am glad to be finished. Have fun guys. You know what to do. Tear the hell out of it. Best Regards, BMetcalf82 20:43, January 16, 2010 (UTC)

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