I would like to spark some conversation on the large statue(s) that we have seen on the island. It's been a while since I've heard discussion on it.

I'll start with each of the views of the statue(s) that we see and what is easily observed. I've attached photos of the two full views we are afforded on the statue to pick apart the differences. Please be sure to share your thoughts and ideas on the statue(s) as well. Please enlarge the photos for best detail.

5x08 Statue

From behind some time before 1974.

The first time we see the statue or rather, the foot of the statue is in 2004 at the end of season 2 when Sayid, Jin and Sun take Desmonds' boat up the coast for a surprise attack on the Others. There is not much to note here. It is a four-toed, sandal-clad left foot. Although only the foot remains, broken at the calf, there do not appear to be any ruins present.

As seen by Jacob and friend.

The next time we see the statue is just before John turns the frozen wheel, setting time back on course. From the distance we see a nearly full view of the statue from behind. There are a couple things to discuss here... The statue appears have its' legs apart as it stands. At waist level you can clearly see the legs open in the photograph. Looking through the treeline, you can also see the legs apart at the mid-calves. Also, the loincloth is folded on the left side so that the lines carved into the cloth are seen as left-to-right downward diagonal lines.


Piece of the tapestry, found in the cabin.

The third time we see the statue, it's close up for the most part. It appears to have been built in the 1800s' or earlier, based on the scene that takes place there. We can clearly see the ankhs in each hand, the distinct reptile snout, it stands on a plinth and has sandals on each foot. A couple of things to point out, 'mirroring' the previous sight of the statue... The cloth wrapped around the statue is wrapped the opposite direction than the last time. The lines are carved diagonally, upwards left-to-right and the cloth is folded on the right side this time. Also this time, the legs appear to be close together. Reflection of the previous statue?

The final time we see the actual statue is at the end of season 5, just before Ben kills Jacob. This time, it is 2007 and looks as it had in 2004. Left foot, broken at the calf, still wearing sandals, presumably has four toes. Jacob lives in the plinth beneath the statue, there he spent a lot of time weaving a tapestry that featured an image of the statue.

Which brings me to the portion of the tapestry that featured the statue that was found in the cabin by Ilana and company. The funny thing about this one should be obvious. This one also appears to hold ankhs and has the same reptilian face, but clearly has its' legs moved apart. It seems to be standing on a boat, in the water, near the island with its' left foot forward.

Does anyone have any ideas on the significance of these differences? What of the image on the tapestry and its' meaning? Is that seriously a boat?

I doubt the differences between statues to be production errors as they as they are statues: distinct carvings, made in stone. Of the things I can think of...

There are two statues on the island.

There is an alternate statue from a changed timeline.

The statues can walk.

Please let me know what you think the deal is with these statues, thoughts, ideas, etc. I'm sure they will feature them in season 6. Thanks everyone! We only have 64 days to go!

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