Hello Everyone,

Happy Holidays and all that festive junk.

I would like everyones opinion on what to call the various sounds that the Smoke Monster has produced throughout the series. I have several already set up and would like you to look over them and add to the description of the sounds if you can. I would like to see what sounds are present during various encounters with our friend, The Smoke Monster. Please review the list below and let me know what should be changed or added to. Of course, if I left a particular sound out entirely, then it would be very much appreciated if you could bring it to my attention.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of sounds the monster produces. I will simplify their sounds by calling a particular sound by a shortened name, for example, the sound produced by the adding machine I will call chika (chika-chika-chika).

Roar, howl or siren sound (BWOOOOOOOOOO). Alarm

Sounds made when it 'scans' people, aka the adding machine (chika-chika-chika). Chika

Shearing sounds followed by the crashing (when destroying trees and foliage). Crash/Crashing

Throaty exhaling (sounds like an alien breathing, or some kind of reptile). Breathing

Chittering (sounds like it is 'thinking', like when it first scanned Eko in 23rd Psalm). Chittering

Pounding, tapping, drumming or popping sounds (sounds like thick cords of rope/fibers tightening and snapping). Popping

Cranking (metallic cranking sound produced when dragging a victim to the declevity in the Temple wall). Cranking

Shriek (sound produced as it envelops someone during judgment, such as Ben). Shriek/Shrieking

Electricity (soft electrical sparks produced within the smoke cloud during judgment). Spark/Sparking

Reproducing human speech from the defendants' memory. Speech

Whooshing (sounds produced during judgment when memories are reproduced). Whooshing

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