I just had a quick observation while I've rewatched "The Other 48 Days." Before Ana Lucia killed Goodwin, the Tailies found the Arrow Dharma station. Inside, they've found the glass eye, radio, bible (with the missing piece of Radzinskys' edit from the Swan Orientation), and other items.

When Bernard opened the door to the Arrow, we can clearly see another painted "Quarantine" sign. I don't know why I haven't caught this before but it has been a long time since my initial watching of that episode.

I have an idea about that. Sometime between the opening of the Swan and before Radzinsky killed himself, something must have happened that would put Radzinsky and other Dharma workers into said quarantine.

Perhaps the sickness, temporal displacement and the like caused Radzinsky to prevent others from becoming 'infected,' or whatever. I think that Radzinsky painted the "Quarantine" signs. Radzinsky edited the Swan orientation film and the missing cut was found within the bible by Mr. Eko. Also, both stations had "Quarantine" written upon the doors. Radzinsky probably placed the cut film from the Swan in the Arrow, but why would he paint the signs onto both doors? The Arrow must have been occupied while Radzinsky was working in the Swan and probably while he was painting the blast door map. Would the incident circa 1985 as found on the blast door map have anything to do with the quarantine?

I just found this little piece and it has me scratching my head to put two and two together, but I'm not sure where to start. I would love to hear your ideas, as always. Please let me know what you think folks.

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