Upon first glance, we see a few scattered items on the table. Most notably may be the scale holding the black and white stones in balance. There are however, several other items in that first room and I think they tell us a little bit of a story. Bear with me.

I thought that I saw a ladder in the inner portion of the cave that would presumably lead out of the cave. Upon rewatching the scene (I must have played it back five or six times on hulu) I came to the conclusion that I did see a crude ladder, but not one that may warrant an exit from the cave. There are however, several other tunnels that appear to branch out from the inner room of the cave. I knew the tunnels would factor somehow when I wrote that blog way back when. Anyways, getting off point, I decided to rewatch the scene where John and Sawyer enter the cave initially where John throws the white stone into the ocean and I decided to log a list of items that are present in that room.

I am breaking down the different 'views' of the items as shot 1, shot 2, shot 3 and final shot. This will help to describe what I am seeing a little easier for reference.

Shot 1: Seen as the camera pans around the table as we see John and Sawyer approach the entrance.

Shot 2: Seen as Locke approaches the table from his perspective. Camera hovers over contents on the table.

Shot 3: Seen as Locke retrieves the white stone from the scale.

Final shot: Seen as Locke strikes a match to light his torch.

And now for the items. Feel free to add to or correct me if I am wrong.

  • A lute The body looks like a large bowl in (shot 1). You can see the neck and head hanging off the edge of the table (shot 2). You can see the top of the body and the strings (shot 3).
  • A scale balanced with black and white stones We all saw this.
  • A torch Seen leaning against a chair (shot 1).
  • wood shim Seen on table (shot 1) to the left of the lute. Looks like a chair leg (shot 2).
  • An old pin of wood Seen on the table behind the wood shim looks old and worn (shot 1).
  • A sextant Seen leaning against the wood shim (shot 1). Seen again in shot 2.
  • A carved, wooden ankh Gray in color, seen on left side of table behind the wooden chair leg and wooden pin (shot 1). You can see the top, ring portion of the ankh (shot 2). You can see most of it as Locke picks up white stone (shot 3). You can see the whole thing as Locke lights the torch (final shot).
  • A compass Seen on left side of table (shot 2).

REVISION Upon further examination, it does not appear to be a compass, but possibly an ancient, Egyptian sundial.

  • A wooden mortar Wooden dowel used to crush, grind and mix herbs seen on left side of table in front of compass (shot 2). Part of a mortar and pestle set.
  • A wood handled chisel Seen above the compass on left side of the table (shot 2).
  • A new pin of wood Seen behind other items on left side of table, (shot 2).
  • A metal decanter Seen behind other items near the back of the table (shot 2). Seen again in shot 3.
  • A stone pestle Seen at the corner of the table (shot 3). Locke also strikes a match in this bowl (final shot).

I think that covers everything. Have you guys figured out the wood pins yet? The other items? These are likely items from the Black Rock as some have to do with nautical navigation (compass, sextant). The wood pins belong to a pirate--they are his 'peg legs'. One is old and worn, the other is fresh and new. There is a chisel there which would indicate someone carving out a new peg leg if this is the case. Likely a member on the ship at some point. Mortar and pestle probably have to do with grinding and using the same type of herbs/powders that Dogen used on Sayid at the Temple. What do you guys think of the other items?

Oh, and on another side note. As Sawyer and John enter the inner cave chamber with the candidate names, John says, "This is why you're here. This is why you're all here." As the camera swings around Sawyer, you can see the ladder just as the camera finishes panning around him. It is there, just really hard to see if you don't know right where to look. I knew that I saw that before. Just discovered it again during my item research. Booya.

This link here will bring you to the Substitute episode on hulu for those of you in the U.S. At the 35:00 mark, past the fourth 'break' is where you can pick up this scene from above.

And, this link here will bring you to the same episode on cucirca where those outside of the U.S. may watch as well. Thanks go to Xabial12 for the link!

What do you guys think? Anything to add? I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Let me know what you think! Please and thank you. BMetcalf82 01:45, February 21, 2010 (UTC)

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