As I am sure that everyone has noticed, there has been a decline of activity in the commuity blogs area on Lostpedia. I believe this to be caused by a primary reason...


Everyone who posts in the community blogs section should be very well aware that spoilers are not allowed here! This has been extremely frustrating, especially for those who choose to avoid them. This is not a talk page for spoilers. They have their own discussion forum and those who wish to discuss any spoilers should hang out over there and away from us.

The past few days have been extraordinarily trying on us all, especially due to the posting of spoilers by Dominator722 (new user, indirect, didn't know the rules, edited post and apologized) and Billzfilmz (new user, direct spoiler posting) and Namarmarius (newer user, posted a new blog with a lot of spoilers, I reported him to admin).

Everyone who has been a regular have not been around lately, and I think it is mostly due to spoilers. Personally, I don't care what I know about the spoilers, but everyone else does, and that is why I want to help.

I am going to be vigilant and patrol these posts as much as I can and report any and all spoiler posters. I wish for others to do the same with me. Season 6 is secret for a reason and spoiling it for everyone else is lame and quite immature. If people want to read spoilers, there is a search engine for that. Use it and do not post here. We do not want your posters.

I hope you all decide to stand by me and report the offenders! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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