Finally. I made it to season 3 of my Lost rewatch.

Upon watching the opening scene of "A Tale of Two Cities," I was closely watching the actions of the Others just after they experience the rumble at the book club meeting. After the apparent 'quake,' everyone goes outside and they do something I found very strange after an incident like that. They all look to the skies. Of course, after an earthquake or volcanic eruption, or something that would be responsible for all the tremors, I wouldn't be looking toward the skies, I would be looking to the distance and the horizon.

This raises the question, "Did the Others know that Oceanic 815 would crash in 2004?" I think that they did. One of the people sent to infiltrate the survivors is none other than our beloved Ethan. If no one had saved Amy back in 1974, then would Ethan still have been born? Would he exist in 2004 to be sent to make lists per Bens' order? Or would he still somehow survive his mother being attacked and grow up, still being Bens' number 2?

I just find the actions that the Others took as strange. They all look to the sky even before the plane becomes visible above. Did they expect the crash based on knowledge from the past? What do you think?

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