Blast Door Map Part V: The Pearl

Welcome to part five of my Blast Door Map series. I haven’t been doing these in a while as I’ve had some other fish to fry (who am I kidding? I've been playing Borderlands on xbox live and it takes up way too much of my free time). To those of you who have been following these, I thank you. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, please see my previous posts pertaining to the Blast Door Map. You just might enjoy reading them. Please see my previous blogs on the Blast Door Map below.

The topic of this post is the Pearl. Of course, you may be thinking, what does the Pearl have to do with the Swan, or the Blast Door Map? Quite clearly, it can be seen as a Question Mark (?) directly in the center of the blast door map. I believe that this is a major clue in riddling out what may or may not have happened between Radzinsky and Inman. I still believe that Inman murdered Radzinsky. Yes. I said it. Please read my previous blog for my reasons on why I believe he was murdered.

DISCLAIMER: I know that this mystery will never be solved in terms of the rest of the show. I know that it may never be revisited. This is simply my attempt to riddle it out and also reminisce over the earlier seasons, specifically season 2, which is my favorite. Let’s begin.

Ok. So we all know that Radzinsky was allegedly a resident of the Swan for an unknown amount of time. We know that he has been pushing a button inside for the entire time, saving the world. We also know that both he and Inman were living alone in the Swan together for almost 9 years, since the Purge occurred in 1992 which would have prevented any sort of relief shift for the rest of the duration of the Swan (or at least until Dharma is funded again, by which Radzinsky was likely praying for). Since they were alone and the island had been taken over by the Hostiles, Radzinsky decided to map what he already knew in his mind. He began painting the Blast Door Map.

So, who was located within the Pearl station at the time of the Purge? It doesn’t really matter as they have likely died in the Purge attack, as those who work in the Pearl have been assigned 8 hour shifts and would have likely died upon exiting the station.

The Pearl is unmanned and now hidden. The Others may have found it, but not yet. In 1992, there was a complete wipeout of all the Dharma employees and Radzinsky knows what has happened. Complete island takeover by the Hostiles. Radzinsky obviously fears for his life and probably instilled fear in Inman as well (you want to go outside with the quarantine and the Hostiles?). What is a lost Dharma employee to do? Recon, of course. Radzinsky uses reverse psychology to protect both he and Inman by stenciling the QUARANTINE warning on the exterior of the Swan hatch. He also explores to the Arrow station, probably removing any remaining supplies, and stencils another QUARANTINE warning on the hatch door as well.

TIME OUT!! Remember when Carlton said that while the Others were aware of the existence of the Swan from the monitors in the Pearl, but had not actually discovered the location of the Swan? I am guessing that this event occurs around 2004, 12 years after the Purge and three years after Radzinsky dies.


Radzinsky uses his photographic memory to explore the island as he has always known it and begins painting the map. Since the button must be pushed every 108 minutes, that puts a little bit of a limit on how much exploration is possible when that window. This is where Radzinsky gets a little clever. Radzinsky knows of the Pearl. Let’s say that Radzinsky, Head of Research, 2nd in Command of the Dharma Initiative, knows the true purpose of the Pearl (researching the researchers) and has known it all along. It was probably one of his own experiments, based on his personality that we have seen. Anyways, Radzinsky knows of the Pearl. Inman does not. Radzinsky and Inman begin to work together in shifts. Inman would push the button for an 8 – 12 hour shift while Radzinsky uses his memory to explore and map the island on the blast doors. Only so much could get done in these types of shifts.

While Radzinsky explores, he finds the Pearl again, and decides to mark its’ location with salt so that it can be found again. He salted the earth around the Pearl hatch in the shape of a question mark (?). Radzinsky can now find the station easier.

Working in shifts with Inman, Radzinsky heads over to the Pearl. He uses the technology that is present in the station to communicate with Inman and also to see if there are any other remaining members of the Dharma Initiative alive elsewhere on the island. Unfortunately, everyone else has perished in the Purge attack.


Radzinsky and Inman worked out a plan to have Inman hang back in the Swan to push the button for a length of time (unknown) while Radzinsky moves up to the Pearl station and sets up a temporary home. This serves two purposes. The first is that Radzinsky and Inman would surely get tired of each others company before too long, especially if no replacement shifts are in sight. To remedy this, Radzinsky moves to the Pearl and Inman pushes the button. The second purpose serves as additional island exploration range. Before we continue, let’s take a look at this cleaned-up version of the blast door map (canon).


Now, we all remember that the Swan station was located about a mile from the survivors beach camp. In scale, that is a short distance on the entire surface area of the island. Only so much exploration can be done from this location, especially as it is seen on the blast door map. If Radzinsky did paint the map, based purely on his exploration from the Swan at the start, then the map should be in a more conical or fanned arrangement of exploration. However, since the map is obviously drawn in a circular manner, with the Pearl located at the very center, logic tells me that the Pearl was actually the base of exploration when it comes to the blast door map.

Inman in hanging back, pushing the button. Radzinsky treks to the Pearl, and stays there for a time while he explores an area of the island. He returns and maps what he finds. He will later return to the Pearl to map more of the island in this fashion.

This continues for some time, likely around 9 years (1992 – 2001) before Radzinsky finally dies.

To quickly sum up how I believe Radzinsky died... Radzinsky has been in fear of a new attack from the Hostiles and/or time travelers (he knows most of them by name, specifically, Sayid Jarrah). After the Purge, Radzinsky becomes unstable and paranoid (believes time-travelers to be responsible for the Purge—“You’re all going to die, you know.”) and maps the island. Inman is recruited very close to the time of the Purge attack. Based on this, he becomes suspect. Radzinsky and Inman live together for nine years. Inman reminisces about his time in the military to Radzinsky. Radzinsky flips out at the mention of Inman once working with a Sayid Jarrah during the Gulf War. Radzinsky now suspects Inman of being a member of the Hostiles (he very well may have been—“I was a spook for ten years, Des. I know when I’m being followed”). Growing ever more paranoid, and with the fate of the button (and the world) at stake, Radzinsky decides to kill Inman. Radzinsky fails in his attempt and is killed by Inman.

Makes logical sense, doesn’t it?

Anyways, I just wanted to share another entry of the Blast Door Map series with you all. As always, I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts and opinions and encourage you to pick it apart. Let me know what you think!

As an added bonus, I’ve decided to attach a couple of previews to the Nightwatch and Daywatch movies. The films follow a very similar battle between light and dark, good and evil, order versus chaos that is otherwise seen on Lost. I strongly encourage giving these films a shot if you have not already seen them. I believe that Nightwatch is classified under Drama (it’s drama/horror) and Daywatch should be the same. Both films come from Russia, but with excellent voice-over dubbing in English. The director of both films is Timur Bekmambetov (the guy who did Wanted). Nightwatch is the first in the set of (two?, three?) films based on the saga. Enjoy. BMetcalf82 17:18, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

300px|left|Nightwatch (part 1)300px|right|Daywatch (part 2)

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