Hello again (think Henry Gale during S2 finale),

Welcome to part 4 of my Blast Door Map Series. The topic this time around is the Timeline. I am taking the dates listed on the map and trying to make them fit with who was there and what was going on at that time. Date notations taken from the map are in bold. Let me know if you feel there is something I should add if I have not already.

Work shifts at the Swan are rotated every 540 days (just under one and a half years). It is unknown if Radzinsky rotated his shift as he designed and was in charge of the Swan and would likely not want to leave it in the hands of 'some physicist.' Instead, he may have wanted to supervise the project throughout its' entire duration. I also speculate that Radzinsky would want to leave the Swan on occasion, not only to be free of it for a time, but also to be given a chance to explore the rest of the island. He would use his photographic memory to later paint the blast door map.

stationwide failure of dharmatel intranet 4.08.00, 8.15.01, 01.06.03 - complete shutdown in effect

These notations are just below the Swan. Something had to have happened to the Dharmatel network while Radzinsky and Kelvin lived together (4.08.00 or 08 April, 2000; 8.15.01 or 15 August, 2001), and also when Kelvin and Desmond were rooming together (01.06.03 or 06 January, 2003). Desmond washed onto the island in 2001 so 06 January 2003 and possibly 15 August 2001 would have been significant dates for the dharmatel failure during Desmonds' time in the Swan. I believe that the dharmatel failures were caused by the Hostiles trying to cut off various stations from the Swan station so that they could attempt to 'draw the mouse out of its' hole' and finally find the Swan. The Hostiles know of the Swan from the Pearl computer, and likely also from the Flame since Mikhail had control of the dharmatel network from there. Until Henry Gale 'infiltrated' in 2004, the Hostiles did not know where the Swan was located.

home of H.G. delegation inspection 12.07.81 (or 07 December, 1981)

The Hanso Group were apparently here on this day as referenced on the map. The note is under the Swan station indicating that the delegation inspection had taken place within the Swan. It is unknown who else was occupying the Swan at this time but I am certain that Radzinsky would have wanted to be there for the inspection.

believed to have divested from project in 1985 following AH/MDG incident

Ah! The incident. Whatever incident happened, it must have occurred in 1985. Something tells me that it has something to do with the electromagnetic buildup beneath the Swan and Alvar Hanso and the DeGroots. It may have been tapped into again by an experiment performed by Radzinsky, and everything went crazy. Somehow though, they managed to stop the electromagnetic attraction long enough to be able to seal off the entire room where the buildup occurs and to enforce a new protocol to periodically purge the magnetic buildup. In short, whatever hell that Radzinsky caused had created problems for the other stations on the island as well, specifically, the Staff (or is it the unknown C5 station?). Perhaps it awakened Cerberus and it attacked?

suspected shut down date 10.28.84

I believe that this notation is referring to the Arrow station or the as-of-yet unseen meteorological research station. The Arrow station is mentioned as a (restocking and staging area for D.I.H.G.). Not much else to say here. Dharma should have been in full swing at this time.

caduceus station believed to have been abandoned due to AH/MDG incident of 1985. -or possible catastrophic malfunction of Cerberus system

This notation is directly to the left of the Staff station on the map. Radzinsky probably explored to this point after 1985 and observed the station in abandonment and disarray. He may have believed that the Cerberus system killed the workers at the Staff due to the look of the place.

rev – 4.2.02 possible location of zoological research facility

This notation is right next to another note referring to the Hydra station, 'stated goal repatriation accelerated de-territorialization of ursus maritimus through gene therapy and extreme climate change'. Looks like Kelvin fixed Desmonds' sailboat a little early (4.2.02 or 02 April, 2002 is one year after Desmond wrecked onto the island in the Elizabeth). Early enough to explore Hydra Island and learn the goals of the experiments they were running ten years ago. I think that he explored the island no more than two times, the first to just check it out, the second time to bring back supplies to help him explore further (open seized doors, cabinets, etc.) and he may have even explored a third time. All the while Desmond is pressing that button.

Simply put, experimentation on the island getting out of control is likely what caused the D.I. to follow protocol when it came to the Swan timer. Prior to the Purge, there has been a lot of Hanso Group presence on the island at various times. There have been attacks by the Cerberus system, but funny enough, no mention is made of the Hostiles on the blast door map.

I think that covers them all. Please feel free to add your thoughts, ideas, theories, comments, speculation, etc. Once this blast door map series is done, I will present the dirt I have gathered on Radzinsky and Kelvin. I have a nice bit of information, growing ever larger, still. Please enjoy this in the meantime. Thanks!

Best Regards,

BMetcalf82 03:59, December 16, 2009 (UTC)

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