Welcome to part three of my Blast Door Map series.

For this topic, I am going to cover the Latin notations on the map, translating them and finding ways to incorporate them into the story of Radzinsky and Kelvin (which is getting VERY interesting) while they inhabit the Swan station.

I am covering the Latin phrases that appear on the Blast Door Map in Italic lettering, followed by direct translation in bold and finally with speculation to their meaning as they were portrayed on the Blast Door Map.

I am not going to mention the Latin genus names for Great White Shark or Polar Bear, as those should be obvious to us by now.

Lastly, I hope for others to be able to contribute and add their own ideas as to what each phrase means to them in relation to the story. I am always looking for new ideas!

Beginning at the top, going clockwise.

Credo nos in fluctu esse

I think we are on the same wavelength.

This could refer to anything. Most likely referencing that Kelvin and Radzinsky were pushing the button together while living in the Swan. Radzinsky likely wrote the notation, believing earlier that Kelvin may have become a problem in deciding NOT to push the button (similar to Eko and Locke during the end of season 2).

Mus uni non fidit antro

A mouse does not rely on one hole.

Obviously, a mouse can use more than one hole in a system of tunnels or a labyrinth. This is most likely a reference to the smoke monster, or Cerberus. It is known (so far) that there are possibly four Cerberus Vents present on the Blast Door Map. I honestly believe there are many more. If the smoke monster is using these tunnels (as I suspect) then it probably uses one of many to enter/exit while remaining unseen (we have yet to see the smoke monster exit one of these vents, though I believe that the declivity where Montand was dragged is a Cerberus Vent as well as the late John Locke).

Hic sunt dracones

Here be dragons.

This phrase has been referenced in cartography. Usually, referring to an unknown land or geography present on a given map that has not been explored. Because the geography is unknown, it is often called dangerous or fearful territory. Invoking the idea of dragons in a given area will persuade people from exploring and charting that unknown area. On the Blast Door Map, this phrase appears just outside of the octagonal border of the map, likely to reference unexplored territories or Hostile-controlled territories. Places that would likely be risky/dangerous for Radzinsky or Inman to explore and investigate.

Liberti te ex inferis

Save yourself from hell.

There could be speculation to the true meaning of this statement. It could mean that failure to enter the numbers would unleash Hell, or open the Underworld. The hieroglyphics on the countdown timer have been translated to Underworld. This could also be a reference to the sickness and quarantine that has overtaken the outside of the Swan and the Arrow stations. This could also be a reference to protect yourself from the Hostiles.

Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est

The wrath of the gods may be great, but it is certainly is slow.

Possible reference to the sickness. Or possible reference to the impending and inevitable mental breakdown at the hands of Radzinskys' death or of others before a replacement shift arrives. Perhaps they understand there is no possibility of replacement shifts arriving due to the Purge.

Nil actum reputa si quid suparest agendum

Don’t consider that anything has been done if something is left to be done.

I think this may mean that even though the island is being scouted and mapped and stations are found, that it does not explain the function or use of these stations. May also mean that the islands' immensity is very difficult to explore in its' entirety.

Cogito ergo doleo

I think, therefore I am depressed.

Perhaps written because they understand that no replacements will ever arrive. Knows that the heavy responsibility of pushing the button is theirs alone, and of the consequence of not pushing the button.

Malum consilium quod mutarinon potest

It is a bad plan that cannot be changed.

This statement is cryptic to me. One of the only things that I can think of is the use of the Tempest station to later release a cloud of toxic gas across the island, likely Dharmas' attempt to be rid of the Hostiles and control the island. If Radzinsky or Inman were a spy for the Others and knew of this plan then they knew that they would also be trapped inside the Swan until it was safe to exit. It could also mean that Radzinskys' partner started losing a noticable amount of faith in pushing the button and Radznisky knew that he would have to kill him to ensure to button continued to be pushed.

Aegrescit medendo

The disease worsens with the treatment.

This could be a reference to the sickness that plagues the island and the use of the vaccine having little or no effect. I think it means that the magnetic anomaly is getting stronger or more unstable as time moves forward and it is beginning to concern Radzinsky.

Sursum corda, sursum corda, sursum corda

Lift up your heart, lift up your heart, lift up your heart.

I think that this is a used as a reference to keep hope alive. It is written three times and in religion, sursum corda is usually sung or used as a cry of hope. This may obviously mean that living in the Swan is a very trying ordeal that requires a regular amount of faith renewal.


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I hope you've enjoyed Part 3 and that it was insightful. Remember, if you have anything to add or comment on meaning of a phrase, then I encourage you to do so! Thanks again everyone! Part 4 (The Incident) coming soon!

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