O.K. Everyone. This is part two of the Blast Door Map series that I am working on. I will be sure to release more soon, so please be patient. The themes that I plan to cover are The Timeline, The Incident, Dharma, The Stations, Latin phrases, and maybe more, perhaps a miscellaneous entry.

For this series, I will be covering The Stations. Please note that I am covering known facts about the stations and using the Blast Door Map notations only in a speculative manner. The map is obviously not drawn to scale but should still work for the its’ purpose. Please note that bold text is in direct relation to the blast door map. This map is a cleaned-up, collection of text from all canon versions of the blast door map (this excludes the Via Domus version).

The Stations

  • The Staff

Completely underground. Apparently has an escape hatch located within the main corridor. This may possibly lead into the Tunnels. The station is believed to have been abandoned due to AH/MDG Incident of 1985. Has an adjacent room underground, labeled by H1 (Blast Door Map). This may be the secret vault hidden behind the locker room wall where the Others’ women on the island go to die, likely from pregnancy complications. A corridor is drawn extending towards the Pearl, which is then crossed out (Blast Door Map).

  • The Arrow

Built into the side of a hill, underground. Has Quarantine warning stenciled on door. Has an adjacent room underground, labeled by H3 (Blast Door Map). Arrow Station: -Primary Function- Restocking and Staging Area for D.I.H.G. (Dharma Initiative Hanso Group), (Blast Door Map). A corridor is drawn extending towards the Pearl, which is then crossed out (Blast Door Map).

  • The Swan

Built underground and apparently hidden from view. Most likely hidden due to location within Hostile territory. Entrances consist of a buried underground hatch as well as a covered exterior door. The blast doors in the Swan had a map painted on it by Radzinsky and Kelvin later contributed to the map. Has Quarantine warning stenciled on door. Has two primary corridors that extend toward the Pearl, which are then crossed out. Has a section of the station that is disconnected from the rest. This is likely the Incident Room, labeled as H5 and has a corridor that extends towards the end of the station and not exactly towards the Pearl as the others appear to yet is still crossed out. Those additional corridors may have been blocked due to the Incident. There is some interesting geography occurring on the Blast Door Map in relation to the Swan. There are two Cerberus Vents nearby. Cerberus Vent I is just to the left of the apparent Incident Room within the Swan. Cerberus Vent II is actually located between two corridors of the Swan. This Cerberus Vent may be inactive since the accident as the Blast Door Map states.

  • The Flame

The Flame is a primarily above-ground station, although it has a lower (and hidden), underground level that was equipped with C-4 explosives that could be detonated upon an incursion or attack from the Hostiles. Since Radzinsky was working in the Flame in 1977, it was likely Kelvin who discovered the alleged location of #4, the Flame, which was then added to the Blast Door Map. Below that, more text is observed, But unlikely due to Cerberus activity, as well as Activity unsuitable for D.I.H.G. In 1974, Radzinsky was observed using the computer to read reports coming in from other stations including the Looking Glass. In 2004, Sayid was able to patch into a live surveillance of the Flame from one of the monitors in the Pearl station. The Flame is also referenced as the ‘hub’ for the subterranean conduit lines. A corridor is drawn pointing toward the Pearl, which is then crossed out.

  • The Pearl

Exists totally underground. The Pearl is obviously referenced by a "?" on the Blast Door Map. Locke copied this while trapped beneath the blast doors and later found the Pearl station with Eko. Designation Unknown? Purpose Unknown? Relation to D.I.H.G. Unknown The Latin Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum, translates roughly to, "Don't consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done," which is found directly below the Pearls' question mark on the blast door map. High potenial for R.V.S. facility! (Remote viewing station) The Pearl? Several straight blue lines extend from the Pearl to other known stations on the island (known at the time of the map). Although their true purpose is unknown, I suspect that they are the subterranean conduit lines mentioned on the blast door map. This can explain the live feeds of the other stations on the monitors there (the Swan, the Flame). The Pearl appears to be the destination of the underground corridors extending outward from each station list on the blast door map. Perhaps these are the E.E.P. tunnels mentioned on the map?

  • The Orchid

Fake station above-ground, real station completely hidden underground. Not much is mentioned of the Orchid station on the blast door map, though it is highly likely that it has been found, due to notations concerning its' existence. Low Priority Zone for Exploration - Possible site for Above Ground Study of ?Flora?. Low Relevance to Valenzetti related Research Activity.

  • The Hydra

The Hydra is both an above-ground and underground research station. Not much is mentioned on the Hydra, but seems unlikely that it has been found, although the goals of that station are written on the map. REV -4.3.02 Possible location of zoological research facility. Stated Goal Repatriation and De-Territorialization of Ursus Maritimus (polar bear) through gene therapy and extreme climate change. We obviously know that polar bear experiments were being performed at Hydra Island but unlikely that Radzinsky or Inman knew of its' true location.

  • The Looking Glass

Completely submerged. Possible offshore data dump. Due to cable going into ocean from jungle?

  • The Tempest

Set into the side of the mountain, both above-ground and underground. It is suspected to be the unknown station on the blast door map C3, but may also be C4. Possible manufacturing facility with light - industrial equipment. Darlton have confirmed that the Tempest is on the blast door map.

  • The Lamp Post

Not referenced on the blast door map.

Other stations are The Door and The Temple, although the Door is possibly a defunct station, and we all know that the Temple has existed before Dharmas’ arrival to the island. I even believe that there is an additional station that we have not seen. On the blast door map, the suspected station C3 appears to be geographically situated on the top of a mountain range. Mountaineous terrain most likely used by D.I.H.G. for meteorological research due to high altitude. Geological composition of rocks likely to cause magnetic disturbances/interfere with weather forecasting project.


I now leave it to you to pick apart, question, or otherwise theorize upon. I have a good theory based on this map for next time. I hope you guys enjoy the stations theme on the blast door map. I think it's very important and requires attention and/or discussion. Enjoy!

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