This blog is going to be part of a series I'm doing on the blast door map that was seen in "Lockdown." I don't know how many I'm going to do but I have a few themes. Part 1 is the Tunnels. I don't really see much discussion at all regarding the existence or use of such tunnels. I think they will feature the tunnels at least a little in season 6. The show has slowly shown us more and more ways of going underground from the Swan to the Orchid, to the hidden rooms under the Barracks and the introduction of the tunnels to find/bury Jughead. Not to mention that it seems the smoke monster or Cerberus seems to always come from underground, beginning with uprooting trees. I may make some edits to this blog as we go along so please bear with me, I just slapped this thing together this morning.

All of the following notations are taken from different versions of the blast door map. I believe all versions are canon. Using a cleaned-up version of the original as well as the version from the Lost Jigsaw Puzzles, one can find these notations. By the way, if anyone knows where I can find a blown-up version of the jigsaw puzzle maps, then it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Known to be a hub for E.E.P. conduits. (Emergency Escape Protocol)
  • Large number of underground springs heavy water table.
  • CV I highly unlikely. (Cerberus Vent 1)
  • Multiple escape conduits blocked after incident.
  • Possible CV II - inactive since accident. (Cerberus Vent 2)
  • No connection to islandwide EEP network. (Emergency Escape Protocol)
  • Primary nexus of Cerberus related activity.
  • CV III. (Cerberus Vent 3)
  • Subterranean conduit.
  • CV IV. (Cerberus Vent 4)
  • Possible terminal point for Subterranean E.E.P. tunnel network? (Emergency Escape Protocol)


Other mentions of the Tunnels can be found throughout the series, mostly in later seasons.

The Tunnels include at least 3 entrances. One can be reached by diving into a stream out in the jungle and swimming in under a small waterfall. Richard indicates that there is another entrance that was used to to bring the bomb into The Tunnels. ("Follow the Leader") The declivity in The Temple Wall also leads to another portion of The Tunnels (This is confirmed in the Lost: Official Magazine, 25th edition). It appears the Hostiles may have deliberately bricked up some of the entrances. Richard uses a sledgehammer to break through one of the walls to provide access to the basement of Horace's house inside the Barracks compounds. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

According to the Dharma cabling map that Sayid found, there are four passages leading from the Barracks to areas beyond the sonic barrier. Two are marked as being subterranean. The other two are not. Of the passages marked as subterranean:

   * One leads from the barracks to the Northwest, then splits off after about 3.5 miles at a point "20' deep". This split is a hexagon on the map just outside the sonic fence and might be a hatch or room. One branch heads North and another heads West.
   * The second exits just North of East with another hexagon about 4.5 miles away, again outside the sonic barrier. This passage leads to the Flame. 

In the Official Podcast for "This Place Is Death", the producers confirmed that the walls seen in the episode were merely an outer perimeter, and that one would need to hike past the walls to reach the actual Temple itself. They also referred to the area where the monster dragged Montand as 'the declivity of the Temple wall'. The declivity of the Temple wall leads to a portion of The Tunnels.

Below the well is the wheel chamber. Tunnels can be seen throughout as both Ben and later Locke descend to push the wheel. It is unclear where the tunnel originates, but the architecture suggests it may have been built about the same time as the Temple and tunnels beneath the Barracks.

On the blast door map, we also see several other stations. We see the Staff, the Flame, the Swan and the Arrow. There are also three other stations, not including the Pearl, that are crossed out (likely the Orchid, the Door or the Tempest) and they all seem to share the same subterranean tunnels that have been crossed out.

The Swan seems to have a number of different rooms and passages on the blast door map. Some seem blocked or crossed-out and one area seems disconnected from the Swan entirely, labeled as H5 from within that area. This would also indicate tunnels that extend beyond what we've seen within the Swan and likewise, other stations.

These are all some of the things that indicate to me that there is an island-wide tunnel system that the ancients have used as well as the Others, and later the Dharma Initiative and then Ben, finally the Losties retrieving Jughead and detonating it and most notably, the Smoke Monster. As always, I'd like to spark some discussion and hear what you all have to say. As I've said, the Tunnels seem to be going unnoticed and would like your thoughts and ideas. Thanks again!

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