Hello Everyone,

I am here to gather some evidence to support the claim that Benjamin Linus is a time traveler. There are, at the very least, a few of you who believe this. With your assistance, let us put together some evidence showing that Benjamin Linus has time traveled prior to the arrival of flight 815. Not only am I looking for supporting evidence, I also welcome your theories about Bens' time traveling escapades. Let's share some ideas and see what conclusions we can draw from them.

Here are a few items that I have on the top of my head...

  • Benjamin expected flight 815 to arrive on the island. He had prior knowledge that 815 would crash onto the island somehow. This can be seen in the episode, A Tale of Two Cities. Here are the events, chronologically; Book club meeting. Earthquake. Silence. People exit their homes to investigate. Silence. Everyone is looking around, though not skyward. Silence. Benjamin exits his home and descends the steps hurriedly, looking left and right. Still silence. Benjamin, with Juliet right behind him, looks upward towards the sky. Juliet, seeing this, looks up as well. Silence is still with us. The rest of the Others see Ben and Juliet looking to the sky and they look upwards. There is a shriek and a roar and Ben turns his attention to flight 815 coming in and breaking up over the island. He then sends Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate.

Since Ben was the first one to look skyward I believe that he expected flight 815. As well as the fact that he began to look skyward when there was absolutely zero indication to do so. It was totally silent outside, the earthquake had passed, but he still expected something by looking up.

  • In Bens' office on Hydra Island in 2007, Caesar finds some documents including apparent photocopies of some of Rouseaus' maps and at least one page from Daniels' journal that has a drawn diagram representing real/imaginary space/time.

Why would he have these items in his office if he didn't use them for traveling through time at some point?

  • The Orchid station/Tunisian travels. Another big clue here. Ben knows what it means to 'move the island'. He knows how to do it. More importantly, he knows how to access a frozen donkey wheel that has been sealed away for at least 12 years, if not since he was a boy in the 1970s'. The vault was built over it, but we know that Chang had been down there since his jacket was there. Ben knew of its' purpose as he donned it before breaking the floor to access the chamber below. He knew what was going to happen upon freeing the frozen wheel--that he would leave the island, banished, not to return again. He also knew that he would be teleported to Tunisia as a season 4 deleted scene points out. In this scene, Ben is shown accessing a hidden stash of items that he apparently stored in an outcropping of rocks. He knew exactly what would happen every step of the way for the protocol of moving the island and how to set himself up in the event that he needed to move the island.

There are a few more items, but I don't have much for them.

Ben knows the rules between Charles Widmore, himself, and the island.

He also knows of the judgment received by those who return to the island who have been previously exiled.

He also knew (apparently) each and every one of Widmores' men to assassinate off of the island. Though this last one could just be research, there is a definitive purpose for these actions.

I also believe that when Ben is found out that he is not Henry Gale but in fact, an Other, that this is his first test of WHH for HIM. Sayid is disgusted with Bens' blabbering about not giving his people up and decided to shoot him while Ben was tied up in the armory. Sayid raised his gun to shoot but Ana Lucia deflected the gun and the bullet fired stray. Looking back and paying close attention, Ben looks relieved. Not necessarily relieved that he wasn't shot, but that fate/destiny had actually intervened and prevented his death. He realizes at this point that he is essentially immortal but the spinal tumor is freaking him out a bit. He enacts his plan to get Jack to operate, and it works. Even when Jack was making an attempt at his life while comatose, the tumor was still removed. WHH for Ben. He also remains extremely calm in nearly every dire situation (with the lone exception being when Alex was killed and Widmore 'changed the rules') regardless of the expected outcome.

And let's not forget, "How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan," just as he surrenders himslf to Keamy and his men. Pretty fearless if you ask me.

That covers most everything I can think of without extensive research, but you get the idea. I welcome your thoughts, ideas, opinions, criticism, theories, speculation and general randomness. What do you think?

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