A couple of the most recent episodes were billed as starring Henry Ian Cusick during the opening credits, although we haven't seen him since the premiere. I have a few thoughts to share. This is my attempt to observe the facts to see what we can make of the situation. I welcome any and all thoughts and opinions.

Note: I tried putting this in as a comment under [User:Sheep smarty]'s blog, "One Thing, Des" but I am unable to post the comment for some reason. That particular button is stuck or something.

  • 2004 OT: Desmond brings Oceanic 815 out of the sky by failing to enter the numbers into the Swan computer on time. He tries to excape the island and fails until he is rescued along with the Oceanic 6.
  • 2004 FST: Desmond is seen sitting next to Jack on the airplane for a brief moment. Suspiciously, everyone else who is capable of seeing him has their heads turned the other way (Bernard and Rose were apparently having a 'silent discussion' based on their body language during Desmonds' presence). Of course, they probably did not see Desmond as they told Jack.
  • 2007 OT: Desmond married Penny and fathered a child named Charlie Hume. They apparently live on a yacht named My Mutual Friend and have been seen traveling the world. Most notably, the last that we see of Desmond is when he delivers Daniels' message to Eloise at the Looking Glass church. Very shortly after, we see Benjamin Linus shoot Desmond in the chest before he has a change of heart in killing Penelope. Eloise goes to the hospital and apologizes to Penny about what happened, also stating that she has no idea what is going to happen. Widmore also arrives and pay concern.
  • Post-Jughead 2007: Desmond is nowhere to be found on the island. It is presumed that he is still alive, based on his cast billing. Widmore made it back to the island with the submarine. I presume this is very shortly after Desmond is shot by Benjamin. Benjamin (and the others) fly back to the island on Ajira 316, and in a matter of a few days, Jacob has been killed and the Man in Black is masquerading as John Locke. How much time has passed exactly? I hazard to guess less than two weeks. This seems to be enough time for Widmore to return to the island.

My speculations...

I find it very possible that Widmore has Desmond locked away in the submarine compartment. Desmond is obviously special and has been told that "the rules don't apply to you." If it is Desmonds' destiny to return to the island, and with only ten hours of programming left, then it would seem logical that Widmore has Desmond locked away in the sub. Also, if Widmore knows of Desmonds' importance, then I would imagine that Widmore knows that Desmond must return for some unfinished business. The fact that Desmond was shot in the chest and is locked away by Widmore seems appropriate, especially if the island still maintains its' healing properties. Widmore will arrive with Desmond, Desmond will be naturally (though accelerated) healed by the island.

Desmond? Get up. You have work to do.
2x23 DesmondButtonOnTime

"You've got work to do."

Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? All are welcome, as always, to fuel discussion. No spoilers please! Thank you!

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