Alright Everyone. Here is the deal.

For a few months now, the Lostpedia blogs have suffered from spoiler attacks as well as several repeat blogs, and even personal attacks. These events occurred so much so that some of our best blog contributors have decided against having discussions on the blogs and have left Lostpedia entirely because of the above reasons. I’m not going to name names (except for Jt8845—just glad he is gone and has not returned) but a lot of you know how bad the blogs have become lately due to the immaturity of others.

All of this came to a head in the beginning of March when spoilers were posted and were left, unchecked, for 30+ hours before finally being deleted. There was a lot of drama going on during those two days. Infamy. At any rate, we’re past that now and can only look towards the future, the inevitable end to the show, but not the inevitable end to the blogs. There is still going to be endless discussion, theorizing, and ideas being thrown around for years after the final scene plays out. Let’s not forget the true Losties who have been here from the beginning, the Losties who entered the show halfway (like myself) and the newer Losties who are probably watching Pilot Part 1 for the first time today. My point is, the blogs are going to be here for a long time and we all need to do our part to ensure that it is the best place to discuss Lost.

It is my understanding that several administrators and other sysops would prefer to have the blogs section removed from Lostpedia entirely. I don’t believe this is the case however. There has been discussion on removing the blogs around this time last year on the Lostpedia: Ideas page. Apparently, the blogs cannot be removed as they are a part of wikia and Lostpedia is obviously an extension of a wikia, thus, they cannot be removed. Furthermore, on that same ideas page, I decided to post an entry/idea to allow for more administrators or sysops with added rollback rights to patrol the blogs so that offending content could be removed in a quicker fashion (let’s face the facts: the administrators could not care less about the blogs, they are concerned with the articles). Unfortunately, a bureaucrat at wikia has declined the suggestion. There are just not enough administrators to enforce on the blogs. So, we have to fend for ourselves on the blogs. However, I would like to ask that everyone behave in an adult fashion (even if you are not an adult yet, you understand what I mean) so that we can coexist in a civil fashion without having to get into shouting matches, name calling, and general escalation of immaturity.

Concerning all of the negativity on the blogs, stemming from a lack of attention from the administrators, I would like everyone to take a look at this section of the Lostpedia Policy: No personal attacks. It takes only a moment to read and will educate us on the proper action to take when you have been attacked, verbally or otherwise.

What to do when you are the victim of a personal attack

Ignore it. There is little point getting bogged down in a flame war online, as nobody ever really wins. Indeed, many experienced users simply agree that to get involved in such a trivial argument is "beneath them", understanding that the rules of conversation are much different on the Internet than in face-to-face communication.

What you should do is contact a SysOp, leaving them a brief note explaining what has gone on. The attacker may then try to hide the evidence by removing it, but rest assured that on a wiki, no edit can be hidden. Punishment will be enforced by a SysOp, and it is best to simply let them judge whether the attack is unprovoked or whether the attacker had, at some level, a justification.

Whatever the basis behind the attack, action will be taken, as there is no excuse for users to resort to verbal abuse. However, there is a degree of leniency in whether a SysOp will choose to simply warn a user, or ban them for however long the administrator sees fit. This choice of punishment is entirely at the SysOp's discretion, though a decision may be appealed to another SysOp if anyone feels that a verdict was unjust. Long-term bans are discussed on the Sysop forums.


Now, what we can do is copy the offending users’ comment (from their Contributions list) and paste it onto the talk page of an administrator. Administrative action is not instant, but the admins will get to the issue eventually. The following is a list of the administrators that you can report a problem to. Be sure to leave a message on their talk page with a link to the offending users’ contribution.





Robert K S

Blue eagle islander


Sam McPherson


I’m not trying to preach to you guys or anything, but I do think with a little personal responsibility on everyones part, then these blogs can one day return to their former glory. Thank you for listening. Always open for ideas, suggestions, ways to help. Thanks again. As always, Best Regards, BMetcalf82 23:20, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

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