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    October 25, 2010 by BMetcalf82

    Good day Everyone!

    First off, I would just like to say that I am glad to be back. It’s been a long time since I have exchanged any decent conversation with folks about Lost. And I won’t even say that I’ve been lurking around here, because I haven’t been. I’ve just been doing a lot of other things that have taken up a majority of my time, both in my personal and professional life.

    Second, while I am horribly disappointed with how season 6 wrapped up the series of Lost, I want all of the die-hards to know (myself included) that I have never once condemned the show, even after the credits rolled for season 6. I have had a certain amount of expectations set for the direction that the show would go, based on five previous seasons of questions…

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    Hello Everyone,

    I bear good news.

    Anyone remember that Best in Show contest that ran for the past few weeks?

    Well, I am happy to inform everyone here that Lost came out on top and beat The Simpsons in a 66% / 34% upset!

    Voting was rough early on and we nearly lost to a few lesser shows, but we managed to pull through. See here.


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    Alright Everyone. Here is the deal.

    For a few months now, the Lostpedia blogs have suffered from spoiler attacks as well as several repeat blogs, and even personal attacks. These events occurred so much so that some of our best blog contributors have decided against having discussions on the blogs and have left Lostpedia entirely because of the above reasons. I’m not going to name names (except for Jt8845—just glad he is gone and has not returned) but a lot of you know how bad the blogs have become lately due to the immaturity of others.

    All of this came to a head in the beginning of March when spoilers were posted and were left, unchecked, for 30+ hours before finally being deleted. There was a lot of drama going on during those two day…

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    Another Desmond post

    March 26, 2010 by BMetcalf82

    A couple of the most recent episodes were billed as starring Henry Ian Cusick during the opening credits, although we haven't seen him since the premiere. I have a few thoughts to share. This is my attempt to observe the facts to see what we can make of the situation. I welcome any and all thoughts and opinions.

    Note: I tried putting this in as a comment under [User:Sheep smarty]'s blog, "One Thing, Des" but I am unable to post the comment for some reason. That particular button is stuck or something.

    • 2004 OT: Desmond brings Oceanic 815 out of the sky by failing to enter the numbers into the Swan computer on time. He tries to excape the island and fails until he is rescued along with the Oceanic 6.
    • 2004 FST: Desmond is seen sitting ne…
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    Blast Door Map Part V: The Pearl

    Welcome to part five of my Blast Door Map series. I haven’t been doing these in a while as I’ve had some other fish to fry (who am I kidding? I've been playing Borderlands on xbox live and it takes up way too much of my free time). To those of you who have been following these, I thank you. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, please see my previous posts pertaining to the Blast Door Map. You just might enjoy reading them. Please see my previous blogs on the Blast Door Map below.

    • Part 1 (The Tunnels)
    • Part 2 (The Stations)
    • Part 3 (Latin Notations)
    • Part 4 (The Timeline)

    The topic of this post is the Pearl. Of course, you may be thinking, what does the Pearl have to do with the Swan, or…

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