Now that Lost is unfortunately over my question is:

What's your favorite moment, episode or scene in all 6 seasons?

For me it's hard to choose, cause in my opion Lost is(despite all the unanswered questions and complicated story)one of best tv shows in tv history. I'm really gonna miss watching it and being excited about next events. Lost had everything I appreciate in a good show: good, varied charachers, awesome actors, excitement, no boring episodes, humour and it made me cry and laugh.

Few episodes are still greater than the others. For example Greatest Hits is one of the best ones. Charlie was one of my favorites and the episode was so touching. In season 6 there has been tons of good episodes, but Happily Ever After, Across The Sea and The End is my top 3.

One scene that has staid my mind is when Desmond calls Penny in christmas from Kahana(The Constant). The whole episode is awesome, but that moment made me cry some much.

Your turn tell me your top episodes, scenes and moments :)

Lost forever! <3

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