Again I'm trying to prove my theory and not disprove anyone else’s.

In the Doctor Who world when he travels the Cosmos he always encounters different humanoid people. During a lot of his adventures these humanoids more times than naught ask him “Who are you?” He normally just responds with “I’m the Doctor” or just walks away.

I'm just saying this phrase has been mentioned a lot towards the end of this series.

Season 5 – Season Finale observations

After the conversation between Jacob and Hurley is almost over in the cab Hurley says to Jacob “Who are you dude?”

Season 6 – Lost – LA X Parts 1 & 2

After Jacob is killed and Ben comes out of the temple Illana asks Ben where is Jacob? Ben then asks Illana “Who are you?”

In the jungle when Hurley and Jacob are talking and towards the end of their conversation Hurley asks Jacob “Who are you?”

Jacobs body guard Bram pointed the gun at Flocke after they learn that Jacob is dead asks Flocke “Who are you”. Flocke responds with don’t worry about me.

Right after Smokey has killed Jacobs’s body guards and transforms back into Flocke Ben asks Flocke “What are you?” Flocke promptly responds with “I’m not a what Ben, I am a Who”

After entering the temple with Sayid, Dogen asks in Japanese and then it is translated into English “Who are you?” The stewardess from the plane responds with I know who they are they were on the first plane, Oceanic 815, along with me.

I’ll throw this one in just because it’s my page and I can. After learning that Jacob is dead Dogen orders everyone to their posts. Dogens translator speaking to Hurley says “this isn’t to keep you in it’s to keep him out.” Hurley then responds with him Who.

Season 6 - What Kate Does

When Dogen’s translator tell Sayid that they want to take him away for a few questions and Jack intervenes. He responds with you have a few question well so do we. Let’s start with “Who are you?”

During conversation where Dogen says you and I both know I don’t need a translator. Jack then asks why have one? Dogen responds with It makes it easier when thy don’t like the decisions I make for them. Jack then asks “Who are you”

Season 6 – Sundown

Sayid say “Who are you” to J. Kwon after removing the tape from his mouth after when he finds him tied up in the freezer.

--B00gieman1 02:07, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

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