Did anyone else catch the fact that Desmond had a wedding ring on (LA X while on the plane in the flash sideways)? I would have to say he is married to Penny since she has been the love of his life no matter what reality they have been in. You have to love DVR’s. Like I said before I believe their relationship will be the last thing that is shown before the curtain drops on this show. I still also think that Desmond will be the one who takes stewardship of the island whether caring for it or placing it on the shelf so that it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s life.

It sucks that I can't participate in the forums. When I first tried to get an account it was never turned on. And yes I received the e-mail and clicked on the link to activate it. This was a day after my first blog. I e-mailed the powers that be but no response. After about a week I had my brother create an account and his was activated immediately. After a grand total of 14 posts I was banned for so-called trolling which was absolute nonsense. It makes it hard to get a real topic of conversation going in a blog so if anyone wants to post this go ahead. This goes for anything else in any of my blogs. I can't participate in the discussion but I can read it.

--B00gieman1 17:30, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

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