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March 2, 2010
  • B00gieman1

    Doctor Who in the Key To Time story.

    The following conversation could represent a conversation in the Lost universe just replacing the characters as follows: (Captain = Charles Widmore, Mr. Fibuli = Widmore’s scientist or DHARMA scientists & Mentiads/them = Smokey)

    Mr. Fibuli: The means to destroy them are finally within our grasp. The planet Calufrax is rich in Voolium and Madranite 1-5. That’s why we came. (“Them” represents the Mentiads, group of individuals who share psychic connectivity. They have been a thorn in the Captains side for years.)

    Captain: Voolium and Madranite 1-5? That is true.

    Mr. Fibuli: The vibrations of the refined crystals can be harnessed to produce interference patterns which will neutralize their mental powers.


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  • B00gieman1


    March 20, 2010 by B00gieman1

    This was the device used in the Key To Time given to Romana to assist her and the Doctor in locating the pieces to the key to time. It just stood out to me when Sawyer had the gun pointed at him in the hotel room and he said the following: “There’s a tracer in the case. All you had to do is take it back to wherever your hubby’s hiding out.” You rarely hear that word used as synonymous with a bug or tracking device in the movies or TV. I just thought it a strange word to use in that situation. Don’t expect any responses to this blog. I’m just lining up my thoughts on what I perceive to be yet another clue to the fact that the writers are still giving props to the Doctor Who series.

    --B00gieman1 15:19, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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  • B00gieman1

    I don't think he was a cop at that time. I believe the events on the island are changing so fast that events in the "real world" are changing to fit those occurrences.

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  • B00gieman1

     Jacob is a guard in a sort and Smokey is the prisoner, making the island the cell. I say island because that is how the individuals who are brought there perceive it. I don’t really believe it exists in the physical world as we know it. I believe it may even exist in another dimension all together. How long this has been the case who knows. Time is irrelevant on this island as it has been said by Faraday that perceived time is different on the island as is time off the island. Every so often the guard gets a reprieve and he chooses another guard to replace him thus the candidates. The old guard resumes his life off island maybe returns to the exact instant in time that he was chosen in the first place so his/her life never really s…

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  • B00gieman1

    Is it just me or did they change something in LA X? I was looking at Sayid's customs paperwork on the plane and it clearly read his birthday of 4/25/72, members in family was 1 and flight showed Oceanic starting from the left margin on left side. Then when he was picking up his baggage his birthday wasn't even in english numbers there was nothing in the members of family box and the flight showed 815 Oceanic starting from the left margin.

    Also if you look at Jin's watch on the plane the watch face (gold design and symbols) design is 180 degrees off from on the plane as from when the customs guy looks at it. I don't know much about Rolex watches but does the face around the watch move? Just asking as I don't know.

    --B00gieman1 00:10, Mar…

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