So here's my theroy, what if, there is maybe eight lights all over the ocean,each an elemt to a human (Liek Darkness,Happiness, Ect.) and they all conect at the core of the eart, that Keeps the earth in tact almost like a glue holding it all togther, so it just so happens that A piece of land got carryed into the darkness one one of these 8 "Sections", So The doneky wheel works by mixing the light and water, cuasing for a few seconds ne of the pieces/glue has disspaered, So Everything AROUND it moves, but if everything around it moves, then it appears that it is moving but the earth is just basicly rotating sections while the island stays the same, so noone notices, These Sections Are "Invisible" Becuase all ove the power from the light around it creates a force feild So, The Lights also cuase the force feild around the earth becuase of its power. SO When The helicoter crashed into the ocean it was becuase they moved not the island.

305/315 is the degree there all concted by so thts why you must go on it to leave.

The lights are almost like god, it represents Creation and has the ingreadints, to humans, But when MIB went in he got to much of one ingredent and became an ingrednt(Evilness) Once he beame it it had taken over him, And he was darkness, One of the ecsaped elemnts, Was like an ecsaped sprit(Like a ghost) SO it could move around. it can acces the Hatered inside of dead sprits, the "ELement" Inside of them and become there "Darkness sprit"

So eventualy the "Light" Brought people to the island To help protect it from the outside world, but oneday The dharma intetive found it and Started exsperamints,

Since the lights represent the world, it Cuased everything, it cuased the purge, It Can try to shape people but at the end of the day they still have free will i.e the incident.

The Island was represented by jacob (Like God to Jesus) The light gave jacob the powers, and jacob wanted To kill the "Ingredent, if it got out of the force feild, The Extra ingrredent would spread everywhere cuasing people to turn evil, So The light Set up jacob to Have a misson to kill the smoke, And jacob brought All these people here to kill the ingredent.

That's Why Micheal couldnt kill himself, The light can control tanigable things, rocks,Guns ECT. but not human or animal brains themselves, Once you die it's not becuase the light wannted you did( Although it could be) It's becuase your "work "was Finished why people keep saying you still have work to do.

Time dosn't really exsit, It's all just a line, And you stay on that line while on earth, But once you mix them togther, the light is unstable, bouncing back and forth So while the world son't notice there going through time, the island does around the people there, ANd once locked stabled it they were Back to a staight motion on the line.

Each 8 Light represents one ingredent, the force feilds creates a balance but if ann igrented was to get off, it would destroys the balance, and unless the opostie element was relesed, then everyone would have ectra of that ingredent in them.

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