Sawyer And JUliets baby is Jacob, They wernt twins!!!!!!!! they implanted it into the woman so jacob could be imortal they trulley love there baby they wanted hi to live FOREVER ANd AAron is sawyer/Juliets baby also And walt is SUn/Micheal And Charile Hume is Juliet/Micheal (Getting back at sawyer for sleeping with analucia,kate and cassidy)

But SUn Was like get off my man so cuz she was ACTUALy cheating with micheal not that other guy she was preting to to keep mike safe, but when juliet and mike were sleeping togther she Got mad and went back in time cuased the incident killing juliet cuzz She wanted walt to eb safe AND SUN PRETENDED TO BE DYING IN THE CANDIDATE TO KILL JIN BEFORE RUNNING OFF WITH MICHAEL WHO NEVER DIED SHe had a scret oxygen mask, micheal went down and got her out HE WAS JUST STUCK IN THE 1970S BUT ROBOT FAKE WALT WHO IS ABLE TO TIME TRAVEL GOT HIM AND HE WAS ABLE TO SAVE SUN it all fell into place she made it seem like sawyers idea, sawyer pulled the timer cuz he was so mad at Sun but he didnt know it was her plan al allong Sawyer was pretindg to drown so he could watch her die but jack ruined his plan, Sawyer had a oxygen mask also

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