When you go to Australia from the U.S., you lose a day because it is across the international dateline, and when you return, you gain a day. Or maybe it's the other way around. Like Hurley, I don't really understand the time change stuff, but I think what he said is an important clue to the mysteries of Lost. Because Australia is below the equator, there north is down, not up like we perceive it to be in the U.S., so directionally, it's the opposite of what we think, like Jacob Sheep which appear to be white sheep with black markings but are actually black sheep with with markings. In one of the Dharma videos (I think) there was a brief shot of someone riding a bycycle upside down, and in that same video there was also a shot of a sign that read "God loves you as he also loved Jacob." This got me thinking that maybe we've been looking for the identity of Jacob in the wrong direction. I believe he is connected to Christian, and I've come to the conclusion that Jacob is not the former "Shepard" but the latter. Here's my theory:

When Kate arrives on the island, she's pregnant. She has a boy thirty years after he was conceived, which makes this child very special, a rare child indeed. (By the way, if you rearrange the letters in Richard Alpert, you get "part rare child.") She uses letters from her name and Jack's name for her child, Jake, which some people assume is short for ... Jacob. Young Jake learns everything about the island from Dharma, his parents, and their friends. They also tell him stories about the other folks they came to know from Oceanic 815. They tell him so much about so many people that he can't keep it all straight, so he makes a list with notes about each person. He learns about the time flashes and the magic box, the history of the island and Dharma. Kate is extremely protective of her child especially where Ben is concerned, having already lost one son, Aaron, because of him, so she makes sure Ben doesn't even know of Jake's existence. When whatever happens, happens to get the losties back in current time, Jake is not transported with them, possibly because he was born thirty years after conception. Instead young Jake flashes through time, past, present, and future always searching for his parents, or Sawyer, Juliette, Hurley (etc.)and failing that he looks for anybody else on his list. Because he knows so much about the past and the future, in each time period he flashes to he becomes the mythology of the island. He likely hooks up with Richard sometime way back in the past and Richard is very impressed with all Jake's knowledge, then comes to think of him as a kindred soul as well as a superior being. It's Richard who tells Ben about Jacob, and Jacob uses Ben but because of all he knows, he doesn't trust Ben. Ben tells John about Jacob, but Jake has already heard all about John, how he believed in the island, never wanted to leave, that he died, etc. So when Christian shows up on the island, Jacob knows that's his grandfather; he also knows that Claire is his aunt, and of course he wants to be with family and protect them.

I could go on and on with this theory, but I'd like some feedback first. This is my first post, but I've got other ideas I'd love to share if this one is received well. I LOVE Lost; to me it's not just a show to watch, it's something I get to play along with. And I do think Australia is the key to the whole game, Dude!

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