I've been watching reruns on the Sci-fi channel and recently saw the episode with the reveal that Christian is Claire's father when Carol is in what appears to be a permanent coma following a car accident that black-haired Claire is responsible for. In the last part of the episode, we see a very pregnant blonde-haired Claire visit her still comatose mother shortly before she boards Oceanic Flight 815, so Carol has been in this coma for quite sometime. But the next we see of Carol Littleton is at Christian's funeral, supposedly some three to four months later, and she's completely well. So I started thinking that maybe Jacob visited her and healed her like he presumably healed Juliet's sister Rachel (unless that was just a coincidence Ben used to manipulate Juliet, but he did send Richard to film Rachel as evidence for Juliet, so we could reason that Jacob did indeed do the healing there). But then it hit me that Ben was indirectly using Carol to get Kate upset about the possibility of losing Aaron, and sure enough, it works. Kate leaves Aaron with Carol. Then I remembered the psychic's warning to Claire that Aaron must not be raised by another, or an "other," and, in light of the finale, I started to wonder if that was really Carol at all. Could the man in black be manipulating things off-island as well? And is this how Aaron will end up back on the island?

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