everyone i talk to is saying juliet is dead. the writers said that a major character was gonna die, right? well all my buddies seem to think its juliet, because she blew up the bomb. so i say what about the other losties, are they not gonna die from a h-bomb explosion as well? their answer Jacob. very good point he did touch all the losties. and in juliets flash no jacob. ok i can buy that, but it seems even on the message boards people are talking about juliets death. may i point out that one of the most important characters is really dead, LOCKE. he is dead. he is not coming back. so is it not possible that locke was the DEATH!! i do understand that it is likely that juliet is dead, but i am not writing her off yet. and on lost it seems that the most likely scenrio is truely the most unlikey.

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