I think the are 3 teams about to go to battle. 1st of course is bens team. 2nd your have charles. and i am up in the air about the 3rd team. most likely the the 3rd team is eloise. she seemed like the was once the leader of the others in the last episode. also she seems to know alot about the island.things that even ben and charles dont know, and she doesn't like either one of them. she knew how to get back to the island. also i dont remember the episode name,but the guy who took miles in the van and asked him if he knew what was in the shadow of the statue, said that he was on the side that was going to win. we see him later on the island when the plane crashed. he is with the girl who took sayid and they have guns and look like they are on a mission. dude from the van doen't seem to like charles and the chick who took sayid doesn't know anything about ben, or says she doesn't. all this makes me think there is another team in play. if not eloise it could possibly be Dharma, but that is starting to seem less likely. What do you guys think?

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