The LOST Phonetic Alphabet

Arjayoh February 14, 2009 User blog:Arjayoh
  • Alpha: In TLE, it was the first of three sites of the Spider Protocol and Zukerman] is said to produce a television show called "Strike Team Alpha" (Exposé.
  • Bravo: Spoken by Locke in The 23rd Psalm // Operation Castle Bravo was the bomb whose success made the Jughead bomb's testing redundant.
  • Charlie: was a middle section survivor who died shutting down The Looking Glass station. It is also the name of Desomnd and Penny's son.
  • Delta: In real-life, the wreckage of Oceanic 815 was that of a former Delta Airlines plane. Delta was the third site of the Spider Protocol.
  • Golf: The surivors build a golf course in the mesa (Solitary). Post-Island Sayid murders Mr Avellino on a golf course (The Economist).
  • Hotel: Many hotels are seen throughout LOST; Charlie, Hurley, Michael and Walt stay at the same hotel before boarding Oceanic 815.
  • India: The base of operations for Ajira Airways.
  • Juliet: Former member of The Others, banished to live with the survivors, presently skipping through time.
  • Kilo: A loan shark from whom Sawyer borrowed a large amount of money (Confidence Man).
  • Lima: Sun's fake drivers licence with which she intends to flee from Jin and start a new life has the following address: "4671 Vista Lima, Los Angeles, CA 90064".
  • Mike: Can either refer to a marijuana-grower from Locke's ex-commune (Further Instructions) or Ana-Lucia's former partner Mike Walton who later interrogates Hurley.
  • November: In 2004, the Beechcraft is discovered, Boone dies and Locke bangs on the Hatch.
  • Oscar: Supervised the expedition aboard the Christiane I in the Find 815 ARG.
  • Papa: A large amount of the characters have “Daddy Issues”.
  • Romeo: Sawyer’s nickname for Daniel in Jughead.
  • Sierra: In TLE, a job posting for a “Simian Veterinarian” specific states that being a member of such organisations as “The Sierra Club” will disqualify any applicant.
  • Uniform: Dharma Initiative members could be recognised from their jumpsuits emblazoned with the logo of whichever station they were affiliated with.
  • Victor: Victor Browne portrayed one of Kate’s bank robbing accomplices in Whatever The Case May Be
  • Whisky: MacCutcheon whisky is an extremely expensive Scotch drunk by Anthony Cooper and Charles Widmore.
  • X Ray: Jack identifies a spinal tumor from seeing Ben’s spinal X Ray.
  • Yankee: Frank Lapidus states that he comes from the Bronx and that he “bleeds Yankee blue”. Plus a large number of the characters and businesses in LOST are American

Yes I left out Foxtrot, Quebek, Tango and Zulu. If you can come up with anything, let me know.

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