I'm not talking about story, because it all pretty much followed a logical albeit pointless path. I'm talking from a character point of view.

1. Sawyer exits the safety of The Temple at gunpoint, I'm pretty sure he killed a guard, just so he could get Juliet's engagement ring and throw it into the water.

a) Has he gotten to the point where killing people isn't a big deal?

b) Is he completely nuts?

c) Was all this done just to give Josh Holloway a nice emmy speech?

2. Kate hijacks Claire at gunpoint, ejects her from the cab, realises she was pregnant, goes back to help her, both visit the foster family and go to hospital.

a) If you were wanted for murder would you go out of your way to return a stuffed whale to a complete stranger?

b) If a handcuffed stranger hijacked your taxi, held a gun to your head, stole your money and your bag, would you accept a ride from them? While we're on the subject why would Claire feel "safer" having Kate come in with her? How bad would Claire think these people are, that taking an escaped gun-toting murderer makes her feel "safer". These are the people she plans to leave her child with forever BTW...

c) Claire had no reason to protect Kate whatsoever, as far as I can tell, Claire is only indebted to Kate for a 20 minute taxi ride, which I reckon $50 would cover.

d) She gives Kate her CREDIT CARD!? How was she planning on paying for the whole baby/hospital package?

3. Sawyer escapes and the others send Kate, Jin and the two most inept guards they have to recapture him.

a) The Others seem perfectly capable of getting whoever they want without Kate's "amazing tracker skills" (See previous episode for reference on Others capturing Sawyer fairly easily).

b) Jin's reason for going appears solely to give him something to do in this episode.

I know that Lost can't always be amazing, and that sometimes we need some filler, but at least make it make sense!

Arjayoh 09:06, February 15, 2010 (UTC)

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