• Arjayoh

    Nothing In 603 Made Sense

    February 15, 2010 by Arjayoh

    I'm not talking about story, because it all pretty much followed a logical albeit pointless path. I'm talking from a character point of view.

    1. Sawyer exits the safety of The Temple at gunpoint, I'm pretty sure he killed a guard, just so he could get Juliet's engagement ring and throw it into the water.

    a) Has he gotten to the point where killing people isn't a big deal?

    b) Is he completely nuts?

    c) Was all this done just to give Josh Holloway a nice emmy speech?

    2. Kate hijacks Claire at gunpoint, ejects her from the cab, realises she was pregnant, goes back to help her, both visit the foster family and go to hospital.

    a) If you were wanted for murder would you go out of your way to return a stuffed whale to a complete stranger?

    b) If a handcuf…

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  • Arjayoh

    The LOST Phonetic Alphabet

    February 14, 2009 by Arjayoh
    • Alpha: In TLE, it was the first of three sites of the Spider Protocol and Zukerman] is said to produce a television show called "Strike Team Alpha" (Exposé.
    • Bravo: Spoken by Locke in The 23rd Psalm // Operation Castle Bravo was the bomb whose success made the Jughead bomb's testing redundant.
    • Charlie: was a middle section survivor who died shutting down The Looking Glass station. It is also the name of Desomnd and Penny's son.
    • Delta: In real-life, the wreckage of Oceanic 815 was that of a former Delta Airlines plane. Delta was the third site of the Spider Protocol.
    • Golf: The surivors build a golf course in the mesa (Solitary). Post-Island Sayid murders Mr Avellino on a golf course (The Economist).
    • Hotel: Many hotels are seen throughout LOST; Ch…
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  • Arjayoh

    The Little Prince

    February 7, 2009 by Arjayoh

    This episode was a little disappointing for me. The opening scene seemed completely unnecessary; what's that? Jack's going to ask the 6 to lie tomorrow? Kate's going to KEEP Aaron?!? From a storytelling point of view we learn nothing and it just bloats the episode. The adventures of those left on the island are bound to be interesting, with the time swings bringing them to various important parts in the islands history. However, maybe this is just me but I don't feel that "Sawyer misses Kate" is a particulary suitable C storyline, nor one that needed to be dragged through the whole episode. Yes we already know that, no we don't need to be hit over the head with it, "How did it make you feel seeing Kate again?" asks Juliet. This is a woman …

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