I don't know if anyone noticed this or if it has been already posted but Horace doesn't really seem to age at all. In the 70s, the 90s, the same face, the same age, only the hair changes. Remember when Ben was a young boy, long-haired Horace, and when The Purge happened, Ben all grown up, Horace was still looking the same, but with a hair cut. I think he's one of the "ones" selected by Jacob, as Richard, to do something important on the island. We know he builds the cabin... but for whom? We know someone else was using it, himself? My idea is that the cabin is like a spirit shelter, with the circle of ash around it to prevent bad entities to entrude. At some point the circle was broken, and the cabin was burned, leaving some spiritual matter trapped inside... I remember when Locke had the dream in which Horace appeared chopping a tree over and over, he said something like "find me John and you'll find him". Perhaps Horace dind't refer to Jacob as "him", he was telling John that he would find someone else, the other great master of the island (guy in black shirt at beginning of The Incident?)

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