It's their kids.

The kids are the candidates.

Kwon: Ji Yeon
Shephard: David
Jarrah: One of Nadia's kids. (They're sleeping together.)
Ford: Clemintine
Reyes: ?
Locke: Helen is/will become pregnant.

That's it. I've solved it all.
I'm not sure what that means for the story, but...I've solved it! :P



Illana you trained your entire life,
To keep them safe and free from strife.
But despite our leadership, strength and wits,
You were blown into tiny bits.

Excuse Me Dr. Linus

Excuse me, Dr. Linus,
Sorry to interrupt.
But would you realease this toxin,
To wipe out the corrupt?
And would you please help me,
Study for the test?
And do you have a moment,
To come and lead the rest?
Excuse me, Dr. Linus,
Is History Club today?
And how does it feel to slowly,
Watch your power slip away?

Here Lies

Here lies Paulo and Nikki,
Who the heck are they?
Two lovers turned diamond thieves,
And who for their crimes did pay.

Here lies Nikki Fernandez,
An actress and guest star,
Who slept with the director to get ahead,
But never did get far.

Here lies Paulo Somebody,
Whose full name we never knew,
Who once was an excellent chef,
And for Nikki anything would do.

Here lies Nikki and Paulo,
Buried while alive,
Gone and soon forgotten,
Only their treasures to survive.


Frogurt was no one, on Island or off,
And whose nickname rightly caused people to scoff.
And after Neil 'Frogurt' had done his part,
He was killed by a flamming arrow to the heart.

The Button

Pressing the button every 108,
Counting the minutes is forever my fate.
Living alone, locked safely inside,
Exsisting in darkness, in silence abide.
Curled up in the center of a large empty dome,
Wondering when this became my new home.
The beeping starts loudly, I'm on the edge of control,
My sanity's slipping, yet I stay in this hole.
So I sleep once again, and take one more shot,
And again press the button, as I have been taught.


The science teacher with an aversion to cliques,
Made sure to tell them about all of the risks,
Yet only these seven words still ring true:
"Dude, you've got some Arzt on you."

And for Rylie:

Over Her

You've had 200 years to mourn your young wife,
But now that I'm here, I will end all your strife.
Together we'll face the world hand-in-hand,
Just do me a favour and pretend to like Rylie. (If you can!)

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