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    It's their kids.

    The kids are the candidates.

    Kwon: Ji Yeon
    Shephard: David
    Jarrah: One of Nadia's kids. (They're sleeping together.)
    Ford: Clemintine
    Reyes: ?
    Locke: Helen is/will become pregnant.

    That's it. I've solved it all.
    I'm not sure what that means for the story, but...I've solved it! :P


    Illana you trained your entire life,
    To keep them safe and free from strife.
    But despite our leadership, strength and wits,
    You were blown into tiny bits.

    Excuse Me Dr. Linus

    Excuse me, Dr. Linus,
    Sorry to interrupt.
    But would you realease this toxin,
    To wipe out the corrupt?
    And would you please help me,
    Study for the test?
    And do you have a moment,
    To come and lead the rest?
    Excuse me, Dr. Linus,
    Is History Club today?
    And how does it feel to slowly,
    Watch your po…

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    April 23, 2010 by AnotherOther

    Now that it's two months after I set up this account, I guess I should use it. ;)

    So my current operating theory? The whole thing is made up by Hurley. He's sitting in his room at Santa Rosa, and everything Dave told him was right. He got everything he wanted. He was sane, had lots of friends, freedom, a girlfriend, and a bird that says his name! :) Also, it solves the great mystery of why the fat guy is still fat! He never saw it as a problem! And when Dave told him to jump, he imagined up Libby to stop him. But why did he imagine her death?

    That's the theory for now, anyways.

    And a few questions. Like there aren't enough already.

    1. What side of the metaphorical cork are they on?
    2. What did Juliet mean "It worked." How did she know?
    3. WHO'S THE KID?! …

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