The Destruction of the Statue must have occurred after the "Incident" in the Darma Camp in the 70's. The Destruction of the Statue of Taweret is significant because since that time, women have not been able to deliver their children/have a healthy pregnancy, the very thing that the goddess Taweret provides, protection during childbirth.

Another interesting thing, Aaron was "allowed" to be delivered on the island....the original Aaron was the forefather of Jacob....Jacob is killed by Ben Linus in Season 5 The Incident Part 2....I would speculate that Aaron will be somehow connected to the island and probably the new "Jacob"....or that Aaron will have gifts more remarkable that anyone we have seen so far....the other interesting thing to note is that everyone conceived on the island has "special" gifts....Farraday, Miles, and we must assume Sun's daughter will be involved in this as well. Farraday and Miles were conceived before the Incident, Farraday was delivered off of the island.......Aaron (lofty, exulted, high mountain) and Ji Yeon (Flower of Wisdom)are the two that will probably be called back to the island to start over...I would speculate that Jacob is telling his nemesis that "they are coming" and probably is referring somehow to these two children.

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