I have read many interviews with Darlton and they keep coming back to central themes around our favorite characters (And Not the ones In Across the Sea). So I would like to reflect on these characters: Jack, James, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Claire, Jin and Sun over the next few weeks. And I am starting with "What we Like about Kate". This is a what we like blog so if you are a Kate Hater, you can talk about Kate on one of the MANY Katehate blogs, but this one is about what we like about how they have written her character, her acting etc. Yes I know it is a free blog so contribute what you want but I want to stick with the theme if we can:

There has been many who really like Kate who have said she has not been written well. At this point in the storyline, I challenge that. I beleive what we have with Kate is a very well written woman character. She is real. She is beautiful, and she is also very strong. Throughout the episodes, one of the things I appreciate most about Kate is that she 'feels' her emotions. She may not act on all her emotions but she truely feels happiness when she sees Jin and Sun reunited, she feels fear, she feels sadness. You can see the deep concern she has for Claire on her face yet she is determined to help her no matter what.

She has been the one who has been extensively criticized for the Sawyer, Jack, Kate love triangle. Yet she seems to really love them both (and who wouldn't? I know I would have a tough time choosing between those two on an Island). Yet she was there for them and wanted to be, yet when it came right down to it, neither Jack or Sawyer were willing or able to commit to her.

Kate is very consistent. Forget about the episode of her robbing a bank for a minute, that episode does not compute with all the other scenes. She is passionate, yet since she has been on the island she really is about 'live together die alone' she tries to make a difference. And she always stands for putting others needs ahead of herself. She did not want Aaron. She took care of him and rescued him because it was the right thing to do.

She has been criticized for always having to go along on the adventures on-island. I say she is brave and is engaged and wants to be involved, wants to help. And usually she does help quite a bit. She wants to participate, feel her life instead of sitting back and watching what happens.

She is the ultimate survivor. Why else would they have her reach across the dead body to try to grap the keys. This is so " Kate". She lifts a gun off a dead body leaving the temple, goes through the backpack of a skelton under the temple, very pragmatically. some say she is cold to be able to do this, I say she is focused and the ultimate survivor. Yet she does not kill for power (Ben) or vengance (Jack tryong to shoot Locke) or for personal gain (others).

What do you people like about Kate?

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