So there seems to be an approx. 3 year time difference between the two timelines. We now know (kinda) that FST and OT Desmond has figured it out, and he plans to tell everyone on the flt 815 that landed in the FST. So with this time difference: Was it Claire from the fst telling Kate' "don't you dare bring him back"? Was it FST Charlie, Eko, Libby, Ana Lucia directing Hurley, was it at some times their FST persons talking to them. Hurley is tough, because he also talks to dead people, but on at least one occasion, another patient in the mental ward saw Charlie, and Charlie one time said, "I am dead, but I m also here?" Could he be talking about being dead in the OT and traveling OVER from the FST?

Perhaps these visions are directing the OT characters from the FST. The tough one is Christian-- but perhaps it was FST Claire in the Cabin with Christian and this is why she was so relaxed?? About not being with her baby? Christian says about Aaron, "He is exactly where he is supposed to be".

And Boone in the sweat lodge; and Yemi the first time to Eko (seemed like the smoke monster the second time after he recorded Eko's memories).

Just a Theory but if the FST's on the palne figure this out now, then that would coincide with the appearances on the Island and off Island to help guide the OT characters. Would love to hear if this makes sense or is completely off-base.--Annied 23:07, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

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