There has been alot of discouraged viewers and many many fulfilled viewers. As you know, I beleive Lost has been nothing short of a Masterpiece. I am writing this not to be condescending, although I can see why some take it that way. I said before that it saddened me that so many of our fellow friends here on LP were left feeling disenchanted. This is not coming from a place of "oh, you don't have faith so too bad for you" it is coming from a place that I know you have been invested in the show or you wouldn't be on here, I would hope your investment would be a huge return. Nothing more, nothing less - just my hope for everyone on here.

But for those that felt "Duped" or mislead: I really beleive that what it comes down to is that you were hoping for a differnt ending. There were significant signs throughout the shows history that this would be a Spiritual Story. Maybe you chose to ignore the heavy religious and mythological overtones and themes. But I think there are some that were hoping that it would disprove Faith. That it would make a mockery of religion and "beleivers". For example: These are probably the people who were very comfortable with Christian Sheppard being a drunk disaster and a sorry excuse for a father. When he turned out to be "A Christian Sheppard" you felt duped. Not because they were trying to fool you, you just had a different expectation. So take it for what it is: your hope in a different message that turned out not to be the case.

I can honestly say that had Lost turned out to be a "triumph of Science over Faith" I wouldn't have been hurt or dissapointed. I certainly wouldn't have felt 'mislead' as all of those elements were there too.

I was very happy that this turned out to be about Spirituality and Redemption-- themes that were significant in the storyline and personally fulfilling. They chose a path that we could all relate to through the characters. I am really glad they stuck to a cohesive storyline and actually quite in awe of their guts. I think it takes alot of guts to tell a Spiritual story in this day and age, I was shocked that they made it as deeply religious in the end and can understand how this would be a turn off for some. But they made it so beautiful. They made the Spiritual Journey and aspects of Religion really universal and beautiful.

In the words of Dameon Lindeloff, during the Journey airing right before 'The End'; He said, "We don't feel that we have written this story, we feel that it was given to us, that the story already existed." Some of our greatest scientists and Philosophers and Artists have said the same thing. From DaVinci, to Einstein and Beethoven. Beethoven once said that he did not write music, he simply translated what was already there.

This is something I really beleive-- this story was already in existence and we were meant to see it and have it in our lives now. There has been alot of conjecture about what was real, were they dead or alive, etc. Darlton did alot of things; one of them opening up dialogue and questions and leaving things open for our own interpretation. Great things can come from something like this that stimulates thinking and beleif. In seeing LOST as the story they presented I found that they cleverly answered so many questions and blatantly answered some (alive on the Island, and then died like everyone else).ALL of it was 'REAL' all of it mattered - it mattered that they created a place in their afterlife to go on together - instead of alone.

If you are frustrated that you didn't get answers at all, then why were you attracted to Lost in the first place? Would it help to consider that they thought they had an audience that loved questions so they left stuff/questions for us to ponder?

I think it boils down to not getting the story that you wanted or accepting this as perhaps the greatest story of all time. Either way, I think we all owe it to ourselves at this point. To view the story the storytellers were telling us. Find the meaning, yes, but you might be doing yourself a disservice if you are trying to negate the LOST storyline here. --Annied 20:37, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

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