I am in Awe over this epsode. It was so extraordinary, it was amazing. It was far beyond any expectation I have ever had. I can't wait for the finale. I have to say to @Hurley's Hummer, totally thought of you went Hurley drove up in his That was perfect, so Hurley.

The finale is going to be awesome. I know some are going to be dissapointed with 'the answers' we are getting. Darlton sums it up nicely in the New York times article tht came out this weekend. They are telling a story, not answering questions, they want to respect our imaginations. They said that season 5 was a nod to the science fans and season 6 is about spirituality. They feel that those who are looking for the hard or even soft science, the sci-fi are going to feel most let down because this is and always has been a spiritual journey. I didn't say it, they did, and if you read the article, I think you will see where this makes sense. Cheers...there is NOTHING like LOST!!!--Annied 05:52, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

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