As I was re-watching the Lat Recruit (again) I focused more on Claire and Sayid. A couple of things jumped out that I did not notice the first time: 1. What is Claire packing when they are getting ready to leave the camp? It looks like she is stuffing either mangos or grenades in a sock...Not sure why she is stuffing anything in a sock, definitely round, I saw three... She is one of the only ones if not the only one who arrives at Hydra with her pack still on.

2. On Hydra, Claire has her gun back...I thought kate took it away before she boarded the boat.

3. Claire looks very suspicious when MiB goes into his whole speech about:" They (Whitmore) are lying and trying to get us into a confrontation so that is what they are going to get." She is the only one of the group who looks discerning and like she doesn't beleive him, yet she usually looks like she is in a trance.

4. They show a picture during the willy wonka song where they show half of John Lockes face and half of Claires, almost like they are two halves of a whole. It made me wonder if MiB is more in Claire than we think, maybe he is in both bodies in a way we haven't considered or at least has the benefit of Claire's consciousness somehow?? The other reason I beleive this could be the case is when she is talking to Jack, MiB seems to be hearing their conversation all the way at the front of the line. It also struck me as odd that he would trust the entire group to go one direction, Sawyer another while he goes back to get Sayid. Seems like too big of a risk unless he keeps track of what is going on through Claire.

5. Is this the reason Whitmore has them taken prisoner instead of being thankful they are all there together? Seems odd after the way he treated Jin. Maybe he knows something about Claire or how MiB uses her... Maybe bringing Claire put them all at more risk than they thought.

Sayid: 1. Clearly he looks busy when MiB runs into him, he is walking in a direct way, looking for something perhaps, looking at the trees to use something..He does not look like he was headed back to Locke, nor did he look like someone who needed a moment. In fact, he looked like he was trying to find a vine perhaps to get Desmond out of the well.

2. For the first time, he doesn't have a blank look, he has emotion and expresses emotion, yet the fst Sayid is rather robotic in telling Nadia, the love of his life, that he will never be able to see her again. Was this a swtich, or just a realization of both consciousness (es) (is that a word?))

3. WHERE IS SAYID WHEN THEY GET BLASTED ON THE BEACH??? He was with Locke right? and then he wasn't there with him at the beach....I think this is important. did he go back to save Desmond? or to get Desmond?

4. We all saw the smile Sayid had when he told Locke to go and check and then when he decided not to but instead left to catch up with the kind of reminded me of the smirk the jungle boy had on his face when he saw where Desmond was going. Any thoughts? Did anyone catch anything else?.....--Annied 21:04, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

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